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Reader Reports: Turkey bagged and fish aplenty

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Apr 09, 2013


Reader Report by Jessica Buckle, San Rafael


Marin County — Jessica Buckle bagged this tom at 20 yards by 6:45 on opening day at a private ranch in Novato. The cloud cover helped shield her from the light of full moon as she set up a lone hen decoy. Just after dawn, a group of 4 toms and 2 hens came out of the roost about 100 yards away. The hens made their way over to our location and we thought we were busted when the hens came within 5 feet of us, curious as ever. After what seemed like forever, 20 minutes, the hens kept clucking right in front of us and another 5th tom came into view within 20 yards. With only the sound of her heartbeat ringing in her ears, she took one shot with her 1187 Remington 20 gauge and brought down the tom. The beard measured 10 inches. It is her largest turkey yet.

Reader Report by Don Phillips, Yorba Linda

Ray, Terri, and Don.


The striper season has started. The fish weighed in at 13.5 pounds, 10 pounds and a 4.5 pounder. Noble is holding a 8.5, and a 4-pound fish.

Reader Report by Jon Weber, Berkeley

Luc Weber with a barred surf perch taken on a whole squid.

Spent Spring Break at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point fishing the incoming tides. Lots of quality fish in the water with the grunion running. Caught 30+ barred surf perch on Carolina rigged Berkeley Gulp camo sand worms. Thanks to the guys at the Jig Stop for the heads up on fishing whole squid: landed two nice leopard sharks and a couple monster BSP. Two were full of babies. All were returned safely to the water.

Reader Report by J. Chiate


Brett Chiate caught these Jacks in Belize using Sardines on 15-pound test. 

Reader Report by Casey Yoem, Torrance


Went to Castaic this past week on my day off of work, was the first person on the lake and the last one off the lake at closing. Putting in the time payed off as my buddy Larry and I caught three each and the only 6 from shore caught at the lake that day. With all the pressure from fellow swimbaiters due to the trout stock, fishing was slow for most. We asked around and not a single other striper was caught by any of the anglers fishing from shore that day. All caught on swimbaits soaked in Pro-Cure scents. Fish went 14 pounds, 12 pounds, 10 pounds, 9 pounds, 7-pound, and 7-pound. Great day on the water considering the increased fishing pressure that follows a trout stock.

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