Southern CA Freshwater Fishing Report

Trout Stole the Show: At Lake Morena

BY BRADLEY SCHWEIT/WON Staff WriterPublished: Apr 10, 2013

CAMPO — While most all species are biting to some degree at Lake Morena, trout once again stole the show this past week.

“There’s plenty of trout for just about everyone,” said lake staffer Tim Mcilhenney. “Most of the action was between the buoy line and up through Paradise Cove. Of course, Geezer Cove was still a hot spot, along with areas around Cabin Cove. And just trolling through the deeper middle part of the lake was providing results.

WHATT FOURMAN HAPPILY shows off the 5½-pound rainbow he caught last week while fishing near the dam at Lake Wohlford.      

“Green sparkle, garlic, nightcrawlers, Rapalas and even green 6-inch plastics were common baits.”

Whatt Fourman managed 2 rainbows to 5½ pounds while fishing near the dam. Mike Roberts soaked green PowerBait for a 5-pound, 6 ouncer. Nate Tinklenberg fooled a 4.2 pounder on a PowerBait/nightcrawler combo fished at the buoy line. Tyler and Madyson Grosset creeled two limits of rainbows totaling 17½ pounds working Rapalas between the dam and Paradise Cove. Alan and Avin Jebbo were nailing both trout and catfish on Micro Lures fished in Geezer Cove, and Brandy Doolittle used nightcrawlers near the dam for her fish.

“Bass have been turning up for the focused,” Mcilhenney said, and Stewart Brian caught and released 11 bass using plastics near Cabin Cove.

Catfish have also been on the prowl, and Tanner Osborn had a stringer of kitties weighing 4 pounds, 14 ounces. Crappie have been stirring near Cabin Cove, with the boulders seemingly holding more fish than any other structure. Carp are also starting to show in shallower water.

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