Southern CA Freshwater Fishing Report

Lake Wohlford Bass and Crappie: Filling the void

BY BRADLEY SCHWEIT/WON Staff WriterPublished: Apr 10, 2013

ESCONDIDO — Trout season is winding down at Lake Wohlford (although a plant this Wednesday should perk up the bite a bit), but bass and crappie are starting to fill the void left by the rainbows.

“Trout fishing has slowed following some big crowds and spectacular fishing over the Easter weekend,” said Ranger George Scalo. “Look for the bite to rebound strong after this Wednesday’s plant.

KADEN WOODS OF Oceanside holds the 2.05-pound crappie he caught using a live golden shiner near Lake Wohlford’s Crappie Rock this past week.

“Boat Dock Cove is the likeliest spot just following the plant; after that, check out Oakvale Cove and all points west. Mice Tails, inflated nightcrawlers and salmon eggs have been the top baits.

“The largemouth bass have begun to spawn, and small to medium bass can be found near structure, often feasting on shad. Crawdads, Shad Raps and dark-colored plastics are all working well.

The Crappie are biting, too,” Scalo added, “and slabs to 2-plus pounds were caught this past week. Crappie respond well to finger jigs and live golden shiners and prefer the cover of rocks or submerged willows in which to hide.”

Young Kaden Woods of Oceanside used a live golden shiner near Crappie Rock for a 2.05-pound slab.

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