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Long Range Report: Mixed Grade of Tuna

Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Apr 10, 2013

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Back on the Ocean!

Hi friends. Yes, don't adjust your monitors, it is a live report from the long-range vessel Polaris Supreme. After a good week of maintenance (except for making sure our Sirius radio properly functioned) and cleaning, we departed Fisherman's Landing this morning at 0700 hours for a 17-day excursion with Mr. Tom Pfleger and friends. After loading a couple of hundred scoops of sardines, we cleared the point at 1000 hours and as anyone who knows a thing or two about weather and sea conditions in San Diego — or any coastal Southern California area — knows that our ride out this morning was rather sporty. We hadn't even cleared the point and the circus ensued.

The first day of a new season is always comical for us "seasoned" crew members. It's one of the funniest days of the year for me, that's the truth. Eight veteran, long-range mariners stumble and tumble their way about the boat like the time a baby takes its first step — banging into walls, tripping over their own boots and heck, a few of us even fought the urge to vomit. Granted, the weather was less than ideal but this happens on the ride to the bait receivers sometimes, let alone rockin' and rollin' in a confused sea a mile from them. Even with all of the flubs and flounders of the first few hours of being back on the boat, we're alive and if you know us, we're going to be just fine. I never really appreciated such an event before; going back out on our first crazy adventure of the year with my older brothers and that is exactly what we are — a family, and we're all back and ready to do this.

Since I have the time, I'll fill y'all in on the status of my previously mentioned "family" members. Riddler is doing just fine; he's switched from white Air Monarch Nike's to all black Nike's which he sometimes pairs with black socks - which looks amazing, by the way. Drew got married in November and then hurt his thumb in a roller-blading accident. As a few of you whom were at the Fred Hall show might have heard, Gunny's daughter was in a car accident but other than a few "minor" injuries, she's doing just fine and will make a full recovery. Jed didn't hurt himself this winter so we're pumped to have him healthy for a full season - although, we do have some time-in once we complete this trip so there is still time for his fingers to hurt but we're hopeful he'll be just fine come June. Mark only looks three and a half months pregnant rather than his usual eight and a half months preggo and his son was accepted in St. Joseph's law school, so that's dandy. Chefs' Schooler and Shawn are great and yours truly is doing fantastic — here and ready to do some bronzing after my Guatemalan bronze-a-thon a week ago peeled off the other day. Bottom line, we couldn't be better. We're pumped to be back.

Anyhow, today was nothing to write home about other than traveling and napping but we figured that we'd do so anyways. I can't reveal all of our secrets of all the fun we're going to have on this trip but I'll give you just a tiny glimpse of the craziness that we're about to take part in: on-board we have low-carb ice cream, Yellowtail roe, a paddle, a 12-volt motorized reel, and a man by the name of "Cowboy." I'll leave the rest to your wild imaginations. Good night now.

— The Supreme Team

P.S. We miss you, Chugey, and your bicycle-kick wake-ups.

Long Shot


Excel skipper Justin Fleck wrote on Monday, April 8: “We decided to make another move and try one last area before calling it a trip. Although they weren't all giants, we had good fishing on mixed grade tuna up to 100 pounds after lunch. By the end of the day, we tagged 135 tuna and 20 wahoo and they are now chilling in the RSW for the ride home. There were definitely a handful of heavy fish that were hooked during the bite but for one reason or another they were lost. This was exactly what we needed to end our trip on a high note, good action. I want to thank Jack Nilsen and Gary Gillingham from Accurate Reels for all their hard work to make this trip a success. Accurate also provides great gifts and loaner gear on all of their trips here on the Excel. The Excel will arrive in Cabo San Lucas tomorrow morning where most of the passengers will be flying home to meet the boat on Friday in San Diego.”

Just Enough Wind


“We had a good day out here with totals of 44 tuna up to 190 pounds,” wrote Independence owner-skipper Mark Pisano April 8. “Most fish again fell in that 80 to 140-pound class with about 15 in the 140 to 190 range. During the day the Wahoo flashed around the boat and we landed 28 skins as well. Weather remains very good with just enough wind to keep the kite up. Water temp is 78 degrees with the daytime highs in the low 80s. We caught plenty of flyers last night and are all ready for another day of battle. Not many pics yesterday but we will send what we took.”

The Çure


Got yellow fever? Never fear, the cure is here. Bill Roecker has finished a new video with some of the best action you’d ever want to see on the decks of the Independence. “Yellow Fever” was shot last summer on a trip to The Ridge and The 23 Spot, where yellows from 18 to 40 pounds bit like crazy. They bit bait and surface and yoyo jigs like it was the last chance to eat for the next 300 miles. After anglers were nearly limited out, some enjoyed watching the crazed jacks fight with one another to smash a hookless surface jig! It makes a big wow factor for this new video. Dorado and yellowfin tuna also provide entertainment and great eating on the way back north. Don’t miss “Yellow Fever,” here onsite and in tackle stores who carry Oceanic Productions and FishingVideos.com products.


Net Update provided by Bill Roecker for FishingVideos.com and San Diego Sportfishing Council.

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