Eastern Sierra

Updated October 26, 2020

BISHOP AREA — Services at Lake Sabrina have closed for the season. Lake will remain low as repair work is done on the dam. North Lake slow for shore fishing but wading or float tubes at inlet will see action from wild brook trout.   South Lake nearly full and best at inlets, dam and rockslide. Services now closed.

CROWLEY, ROCK CREEK AND CONVICT LAKES — Crowley Lake closes on Oct. 31.

Convict Lake stocked and producing well. Received two loads of 1,000 pounds each. South Shore, deeper water and Inlet the hot spots.

Services in Rock Creek Canyon closed.

MAMMOTH LAKES AREA — Services closed, but lakes open to anglers. No snow yet. Lake Mary producing good number of big fish from shore. Cooling temperatures will continue to spur bite.

JUNE LAKE LOOP — Loop Lakes picking up for bigger fish. Services at Gull, Silver and Grant lakes closed. Brown yet to move into Rush Creek.

BRIDGEPORT AREA — Bridgeport Reservoir has turned on with good bite for both trolling and shore fishing. Morning temperatures in the high 20’s have triggered an active bite.

Both Twin Lakes producing trout to 6 pounds. Trolled lures best bet.