Islands & Offshore

Updated September 21, 2020


SAN MIGUEL – SANTA ROSA ISLANDS — Windy weather was an issue for several days, but otherwise there were some exceptionally large lings moving up. A 31.4 pound beast was landed at Santa Rosa Island on live sardines out of Santa Barbara. Others in the high teens were landed too.

SANTA CRUZ – ANACAPA ISLANDS — Good calico fishing, and an increase in yellowtail action set the stage. As for fish for the masses, abundant hungry hordes of ocean whitefish filled the bill.



SAN NICOLAS ISLAND — Great rockfishing as ever, this island sat right on the edge of windy weather most of the week. SSTs were mid 60s on the west end and up to almost 70 on the east.

SANTA BARBARA ISLAND — Here tackle busting yellows started the week strong but the bite tapered. A fair amount of opportunity to fill up on quality whitefish and bottom fish held.

CATALINA ISLAND — A new surge of both larger bonito from 4 to 7 pounds arrived. So did a batch of fresh yellowtail from 3 to 8 pounds. A couple of trips connected with the calico pretty solidly. The top score appeared to be 83 keepers for the Victory, with some 200 released Wednesday. The bonito bite was basically wide open all around the island.

SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND — Offshore of this island the bluefin were there to be watched but the fleet tended to go for more willing yellowfin, dorado and yellowtail in Mexican waters. In tight to the island the excellent calico fishing continued. There were yellowtail to be had as well, and the most successful had boat scores into the 40s.   Navy ops closure map/schedule at:   Navy island info links and kite regs:



TANNER AND CORTES BANKS — It was a bit bumpy out there and success was limited, however the Eldorado fished the 9 on the Cortes Sunday when the weather backed off.

INNER PELAGIC WATERS — Deep drop swordfish guys seeing some action in this long wait fishery in recent days. That’s the only word, but for some schools of bonito. However, water conditions make it appear worthwhile to scout for kelps. The surface water is the same as that below the border where the dorado and yellowfin bite is going on.

OUTER PELAGIC WATERS — Bluefin remain in the pocket of water outside San Clemente Island. At press time the bulk of the boater activity was just south of Desperation Reef. The bite backed off in the latter half of the week. Nicer weather forecast for the weekend could see the fleet back on the fish here.



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CORONADO ISLAND REGION, 3/4- FULL-DAY RANGE —  The water rolled just inside and south of the islands. Right along the coast it was as cool as 63 degrees. Warm water started 423 and west

SOUTHERN COASTAL 1.5- 2.5-DAY RANGE — Coastal waters have been repeatedly hit by cold water upwelling events. Over the weekend there were multiple cold pockets along the Baja coast.



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OPEN WATERS TO FULL-DAY RANGE — This zone was the focus of most of the offshore fleet’s efforts by the end of the week, limits of dorado on kelp paddies and some wide open stops on yellowfin tuna too. Some kelps also had yellowtail. Some were tiny while others held nice fish. In all, it was excellent fishing. A series of tuna pens also held fish schooled up outside them.

OPEN WATERS 1.5- to 3.5-DAY RANGE — The area of full-day range fish extended well south to at least 75 miles below Point Loma. So, yes, there was great fishing to be had and a new pulse of yellowfin was reported to be moving northward. In addition to live bait, fish were reported taken on the iron, Coltsniper type, and on the popper. Bone or white belly with a red head so you can easily see it out there.