Islands & Offshore

Updated June 29, 2020


SAN MIGUEL – SANTA ROSA ISLANDS — Squid nests building, seabass, yellowtail and halibut catches too. Calm waters and access to great rockfishing set the standard.

SANTA CRUZ – ANACAPA ISLANDS — The calico bass bite was on, along with good rockfishing for the local grade stuff and plenty of ocean whitefish. Squid nests off the south side provided a loading zone for overnight boats headed to Santa Rosa Island.



SAN NICOLAS ISLAND — The fleet grew at this island and seabass bites were epic at times, limits and left them biting full speed. Of course, bottom fish were a back-up plan and filled anglers catches.

SANTA BARBARA ISLAND — Big game yellowtail and seabass drew some attention after all the weekend effort at San Nicolas Island slowed the snap there.

CATALINA ISLAND — Good bass fishing, some barracuda and bonito too. Huge yellowtail on the back side of the island proved challenging to land. Fifty-pound was recommended.

SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND — Meaty yellowtail schools on the front side provided the largest U.S. waters yellowtail catches. Navy ops closure map/schedule at:   Navy island info links and kite regs:



TANNER AND CORTES BANKS — Still a bit far out for this early in the season. Waters relatively cool, although fine for the bank’s huge bottom biters.

PELAGIC WATERS — Late in the week the fleet zeroed in on fish just south of the 43, huge bluefin barely inside of U.S. waters.



(Mex license, passport and FMM)

CORONADO ISLAND REGION, 3/4- FULL-DAY RANGE — The yellowtail bite slowed some later in the week, replaced by an excellent bass bite and barracuda action.



(Mex license only)

OPEN WATERS TO FULL-DAY RANGE — The fleet fishing the inner banks, Hidden Bank area dissipated some, spreading out, with concentrated effort to the west and south.

OPEN WATERS 1.5- to 3.5-DAY RANGE — A concentration of effort formed west of Colonet, producing a nice grade of kelp paddy yellowtail and bluefin in the 35- to 45-pound class, along with growing pulse of yellowfin tuna.