WON Big Fish Challenge presented by Mercury: (Final!) Grand Prize Leaderboard


Updated September 2, 2020

Yellowtail: 42.25 pounds, Christopher Diaz (Week 7)

White seabass: 52.2 pounds, Zack Scott, Purist (Week 8)

Halibut: 41.2 pounds, James Choi, kayak (Week 9)

Tuna: 251.8 pounds, Neil Barbour, Easy Access. (Week 5)


Bonito/Barracuda: 11.1 pounds (bonito), Bennett Salvay, Profishent (Week 10)

Lingcod: 27.10 pounds, Bennett Salvay, Profishent (Week 3)

Anglers can sign up at any time for $10 per species (or $40 “all in”) during the 10-week event HERE.

WON BIG FISH CHALLENGE Bennett Salvay with the 11.10-pound bonito that beat the standing leader in that category and claimed one of six grand prize packages.
AFTER GETTING KNOCKED OFF the top spot in the white seabass category, James Choi came back with a vengeance and took over the halibut lead with this 41.2 pounder.
ZACK SCOTT with a 52.2-pound white seabass that is going to be tough to beat in Week 8, and as the overall leader.
Bennett Salvay kicked off Week 3 with a 27.10-pound lingcod that propelled him straight to the top of the category.
NEW YELLOWTAIL LEADER! — This 42.25-pound forkie caught by Chris Diaz in Week 7 knocked off the 36 pounder that had been in the top spot since Week 1 of the BFC.