WON Big Fish Challenge – Rules and Leaderboard

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WON 2024 Big Fish Challenge Tournament
New format for 2024!

WHEN: the WON Big Fish Challenge starts July 4th and runs until
we reach 5 winners or the tournament concludes September 1st at 11:59PM

An example of what a species entry photo would look like in 2024,
but the issue of WON being shown must be dated July 5th or later.

HOW: This year brings a new format, a race to catch,
photograph, and send in 6 out of 10 species!

  1. All officially submitted entries will be photos containing all 3 elements:
    1. the registered angler
    2. the fish caught
    3. a printed copy of Western Outdoor News Dated July 5th, 2024 or later.
  2. There will be no official weigh stations, anglers can take the photo of their catch, along with the issue of Western Outdoor News out on the boat, or back on the docks.
    Participants must register/pay entry to the event before submitting their photos.
  3. Entries are determined by the date a fish is submitted, and not the date caught.
    Fish must be caught legally, and submitted fish should be of reasonable legal size as determined by WON staff.
  4. There are 10 Eligible Categories to win cash and prizes for 2024,
    but competitors are racing to catch 6 out of 10 eligible species:

    1. Yellowtail
    2. Halibut
    3. Tuna
    4. Lingcod
    5. White Seabass
    6. Barracuda
    7. Bass (Sand or Calico)
    8. Rockfish
    9. Sheephead
    10. Bonito
  5. There will be 5 winners total, the first 5 participants to submit photos of themselves with
    6 of the 10 specified species will win prizes.
  6. Cost of entry is $50, and includes a free print subscription to Western outdoor News.
    If you are a current subscriber, it will add an additional year to your current subscription, or you can gift your subscription by typing the “shipping address” to
    a friend or family member when checking out.
  7. These rules are subject to revision and/or clarification by our tournament committee.
    WON has the right to make the final decision of any submission in this event.
  8. In the case that there are no anglers to reach 6 species caught by Monday August 12th,
    the minimum number of species caught will be lowered to 5 starting Monday 12th at 12:01 AM.
    Entries in the race will be counted by the date and time they were submitted.

Prizes will be awarded to the first 5 anglers to submit 6 of the 10
eligible species listed in the rules above.
Prizes include:
Furuno Fish Finder
Costa Sunglasses
AFTCO Gift Card
Gamakatsu Hooks and Prize Pack
Gray Fishmount Certificate
Penn Carnage Rod
Terrafin Subscription