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Lee Palm Sportfishing

The Red Rooster III boasts 16 private air conditioned staterooms with large, comfortable berths and plenty of storage. She sets the bar for passenger comfort and accommodations, serving sumptuous meals with restaurant-like comfort. With 19 tons of refrigerated fish-hold capacity, there is no shortage of room for the catch. Skipper Andy Cates is one of the best, with more days at sea fishing the outer Baja Coast than just about anyone else in the fleet. Anglers come down fully armed with all their own tackle and huge assortments of terminal gear, or with nothing at all but a yearning to catch big tuna. Everybody catches and Lee Palm offers all the top notch gear that one needs for success. In actuality, all one needs as hooks, lures and sinkers will fit in a small bucket, so long as you have just the right stuff and nothing more. The landing knows exactly how to make it work for those who come with nothing more than a passport and the clothes they are wearing.



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