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Redondo Beach Sportfishing

Aboard the Redondo Special, local rockfish options have been filling out angler’s bags rather well. Here, limits-style rockfishing on ½-day trips is a common occurrence. Nevertheless, Capt. Eric Hobday is ready for an influx of summertime migrant fish to fill the Santa Monica Bay, however, Hobday is also eager to switch targets to surface fish like barracuda, white seabass, yellowtail and bass. On the ¾-day run, the Indian fishes Catalina Island’s yellowtail, bass, barracuda and rockfish, along with a mixed bag of perch, sheephead and ocean whitefish. New in 2020, the Navegante will offer limited-load full day, overnight and 1.5 day trips fishing Catalina and Santa Barbara Island for yellowtail, bass, barracuda, rockfish and more.



Redondo Beach Sportfishing | CA Sportboat & Landing Guide

  • BOAT: Redondo Special
  • L X W:65’ x 18’
  • CONTACT: 310-372-2111
  • WEBSITE: www.RBsFww.com
  • CAPTAIN: Eric Hobday, Morgan Richards
  • TRIPS:Half Day

  • BOAT: Navegante
  • L X W:60’ x 19’
  • CONTACT: 310-372-2111
  • WEBSITE: www.RBsFww.com
  • CAPTAIN: Jacob Moreno, Mikey Jimenez
  • TRIPS:Full day, Catatlina, SBI, whale watching