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Helgren’s Sportfishing

Helgren’s Sportfishing is a third-generation family-owned and operated business. They own and operate several party boats, while also hosting several more charter boats. Helgren’s Sportfishing offers half-day trips, ¾-day trips, twilight trips, shark trips, nature cruises, whale watching, overnight outer island trips and multi-day offshore trips that run seasonally aboard its flagship, the Oceanside 95. A local bait hauler keeps the boats and harbor area in quality live bait year-round. The local offshore topography drops to deep water very close to shore, and in addition to the usual fare of rockfish, bass and other coastal species, ocean-going pelagic fish, such as mako sharks, are often found within just a mile or two of shore. The local Camp Pendleton coastline has consistently produced some of the largest white seabass in the Bight for the last few years, with fish that are commonly 50 pounds and larger.



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