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Pierpoint Landing

Pierpoint Landing is located just blocks from the Long Beach Convention Center, the site of the famous Long Beach Fred Hall Outdoor Show. This landing features not only a fleet of party boats offering open-party options for ½-day, ¾-day and overnight trips, but it is also a home base for several of the preeminent 6-pack charter boats in the region, including Options and Capt. Wes Flesch. In addition, they have large-party charter options available. When big game fish show offshore, the outer banks or islands, the Toronado is sure to be on-scene and in the action. Their 6-pack fleet is also always in the big fish action, but generally stays in stealth mode.



Pierpoint Landing | CA Sportboat & Landing Guide

  • BOAT: City of Long Beach
  • L X W:65’ x 25’
  • CONTACT: 562-983-9300
  • WEBSITE: www.PierPoint.net
  • CAPTAIN: Mitch Christiansen, Ryan Parker
  • TRIPS:half day