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Patriot Sportfishing at Avila Beach

Patriot Sportfishing boats fish the local coastline from Montana de Oro and Pecho Rocks on southward to Purisima Point and Pt. Sal for rockfish, lings, Dungeness crabs and salmon and white seabass when they are in season. Albacore are sometimes on the menu as seasonal, late-summer and fall targets as well, and they can be found within just 20 miles of the coast some years. The Central Coast is best known for its consistently solid local rockfishing and lingcodding. Anglers catching their limits of quality rockfish on ½-day ventures are a usual occurrence. They offer ½-day trips, 8-hour ¾-day trips and 10-hour full-day trips, with the primary difference being the range of fishing options and access to the very productive shallow-water reefs to the south and their abundant lingcod and big bolina. With the inland areas often reaching temperatures near 100 degrees, a quick trip to Patriot Sportfishing provides a welcome respite from the heat.



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