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Davey’s Locker Sportfishing

Established in 1958, this legendary operation is steeped in tradition. Davey’s Locker in Newport Beach sits at the epicenter of Orange County’s sportfishing scene. Specializing in local coastal trips and trips to the islands, Davey’s Locker primarily offers half-day, ¾-day and overnight trips, along with 1.5-day trips for exotic species when opportunities arise. Parking for the landing is easy and nearby at the pier, and the boats’ captains and crews are draped in experience that make every angler’s fishing trip a great one, for beginners and experienced anglers alike. Along with offering open-party trips, Davey’s Locker also offers fishing skiffs that are available to rent. They offer whale watching and holiday harbor cruises in season.



Davey’s Locker | CA Sportboat & Landing Guide

  • BOAT: Freelance
  • L X W:80′ x 24′
  • CONTACT: 949-673-1434
  • WEBSITE: www.DaveysLocker.com
  • CAPTAIN: Christopher Goble, Rusty Padia
  • TRIPS:3/4, extended 3/4 day, twilight

  • BOAT: Westerm Pride
  • L X W:80′ x 23′
  • CONTACT: 949-673-1434
  • WEBSITE: www.DaveysLocker.com
  • CAPTAIN: Michael Harkins
  • TRIPS:half, 3/4, extended 3/4 day, twilight