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Channel Islands Sportfishing/CISCOS Landing

Absolutely the largest of the Gold Coast landings, Channel Islands Sportfishing (CI) boasts a large fleet of open-party and charter boats. Channel Islands Sportfishing is located along the east finger of Channel Islands Harbor and has ample free parking available. With a rock-solid, third generation live bait hauler and the largest fleet in the area, a wide range of private charter options are available. This fleet keeps its finger on the pulse of the Northern Channel Islands. The fishing experience here makes sure that they are on the bite as it happens. From seasonal big game opportunities for huge Channel Islands barn-door halibut, white seabass, yellowtail, and even tuna during recent seasons, to consistent limits-style, outer-island codding and ling fishing, this is one of the go-to fishing venues in the Bight. Closer to home, both along the Malibu Coast and inner islands, calico bass fishing can be phenomenal and the smaller charter boats put their anglers into some of the best calico and exotics bites of all.



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