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Fisherman’s Landing

Although Fisherman’s Landing has a Garrison Street address, it is actually the northerly most of the big three Scott Street landings that share a common parking lot and turning basin. Fisherman’s Landing is also home to the famous Fisherman’s Landing Tackle Shop. Boasting much more than your typical top-of-the-dock landing tackle shop, it is one of the most complete tackle shops in the San Diego metropolitan area. Especially noteworthy, is its extensive selection of the latest, cutting-edge long-range fishing gear and tackle. The landing itself offers all types of fishing trips, from local ½-day trips to multi-week long-range trips, and it is also the home of several 1- to 3-day open-party and charter boats. Nevertheless, this landing is most well known for its exceptional long-range fleet, which includes the Excel, Polaris Supreme, Royal Polaris, Searcher, Royal Star and Shogun. These boats venture south to the haunts of huge yellowfin tuna exceeding the mystical 200-pound mark, on trips as long as 23 days.



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