Pyramid trout bite red hot!


SUTCLIFFE, Nev. — Despite cold water temperatures, Pyramid Lake anglers found pretty solid cutthroat trout fishing last week before the stormy weekend set in.

“The water is still cold at 47 degrees but the fish are biting pretty decent,” said George Molino of Cutthroat Charters on Sunday. “On Monday, we landed 16 trout and then had 30 on Tuesday. Wednesday we ended up with 10 and then on Thursday we landed a dozen up to 26 inches.”

Molino said that the trout were all on the small side, (by Pyramid standards), and his biggest fish of the week was around 6 pounds.

“We did hear some talk down on the docks of a 20 pounder caught, but nobody could confirm it,” he said. “I certainly wouldn’t be surprised though.” Molino said that he primarily fished up north from Spider to Warrior and most of the trout were caught off downriggers 15 to 25 feet down.


“We tried some top lines, but they just didn’t get bit at all this week, so I stopped running them,” he said. “I caught everything pretty much on Apexes in the Bloody Frog, Mother of Pearl, Rainbow and Watermelon patterns.”

With water temperatures still on the chilly side, Molino said that slow trolling speeds were the ticket. The cold temps also meant that the fish were pretty sluggish when hooked.