Berkley FluoroShield wins ICAST award for Best Fishing Line


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Berkley’s new FluoroShield was voted the best new fishing line in the ICAST 2020 New Product Showcase, awards voted on by members of the fishing media, retailers and other members of the fishing industry. The New Product Showcase awards are presented annually in conjunction with ICAST, which was offered in a virtual setting this year in the absence of an in-person version of the trade show.

No company knows more about the science behind fishing line than Berkley. Decades of research, study and testing by Berkley scientists have produced some of the most trusted lines in fishing, all of which are painstakingly tested to ensure they help anglers get more fish in the boat. Berkley FluoroShield is a fluorocarbon-infused nylon co-polymer line that provides anglers with added abrasion resistance while still achieving an optimized casting distance on either spinning or baitcasting reels. Berkley FluoroShield offers monofilament anglers another trusted line choice by combining the manageability of monofilament that many of them rely on with the abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon.

“Extensive research and testing at our Spirit Lake facility went into the development of FluoroShield. It offers an amazing combination of benefits that are key for so many anglers, regardless of what species of fish they pursue,” said Berkley Vice President of Marketing Jon Schlosser. “The line’s refractive index is like that of fluorocarbon, which makes it less visible to fish. But it’s also similar to monofilament in that it has a near-neutral buoyancy, ideal for spinnerbaits, bladed jigs, shallow crankbaits, soft swimbaits, swimming jigs, and buzzbaits. It fishes great and is super manageable so we know anglers will appreciate it as much as the voters do.”

The new Berkley FluoroShield is available in pound tests from four to 30 and comes in both 300-yard filler spools and 3,000-yard bulk spools. MSRP for the award-winning line is $8.99 to $10.99 for filler spools and $49.99 to $74.99 for bulk spools.


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