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Waterfowl hunting reports plus DFW duck counts for Jan. 13-17

SoCal Ducks are still largely missing in action BY JIM NIEMIEC RIVERSIDE – It has not been very ducky weather in this portion of the Pacific flyway the last couple weeks. Winds have not blown on shoot days and temps have...

Long range: Cow grounds show promise

Good sign of quality tuna on traditional winter grounds BY GUNDY GUNDERSON SAN DIEGO-- After a solid week of good fishing on quality tuna, the long range fleet was encouraged at the prospects for the coming, albeit, abbreviated, cow season. Both...

A great start to 2021 aboard the Victory

BY DYLAN DEPRES With a new fishing license and a new set of fishing goals I jumped on board with my friends at Victory Sportfishing. They'd had some nice fishing in the last week with limit-style sculpin daily and hit-or-miss...