Colorado River Chain

Updated August 3, 2020

COLORADO RIVER (below Davis Dam) – According to Rusty Braun at Rusty Riviera Marina, the casino areas above the bridge along with Bullhead City’s Community Park have been productive for striped bass. Other stripers were caught in the Big Bend area, and regardless of where the biters are being found, anchovies are definitely the top bait option at the moment. A couple glidebait fish are being caught at night or close to it. Nothing big to report this time around, with most fish fitting in that 2- to 6-pound window.

LAKE HAVASU – Stripers are starting to boil with more frequency but the majority of breakers have been on the smaller side. The better-size topwater linesides are mostly showing at the south end of the lake, but there haven’t been many bigs taken down there either. According to Cliff Rubin at Bass Tackle Master, the best bet for quality stripers is chunking with anchovies and soaking the cut bait in the 25- to 30-foot zone with Site 6 and Crazy Horse being good bets to produce. The bass bite is holding steady with a mix of topwater, flipping and frogging being good ways to go. Lots of floating grass is limiting bait options to a degree. Catfish are best in the evenings on cut bait or live bluegill.

LAKE MEAD – The striped bass bite has gone wide open with good numbers of boiling stripers in open water in the lower basin, reported John Wood at Angler’s Edge Guide Service. It’s been pretty much all about topwater and swimbaits, covering lots of water until you find one of the bigger schools. The bass bite has also been solid for those in the know. Shallow cranks have been getting ‘em pretty good, especially smallies, and there’s been some topwater early and late along with your standard soft plastics options throughout the day. The catfish bite has dipped off some in recent weeks, particularly in the back of the washes.

LAKE MOHAVE – Most of the striped bass action is still found between Katherine Landing and the dam for anglers using anchovies or throwing spoons under bird activity. Smallmouth and largemouth bass are coming out of multiple coves with chatterbaits standing out as the top lure option.

WILLOW BEACH – Less angler pressure with the higher-than-usual scorching heat over the weekend. Not a lot to report on the swimbait striper scene, but when the conditions are more tolerable, it has been decent for anglers slow trolling or casting bigger swimbaits and glidebaits around points and in coves south of the Marina. Rainbow trout are being stocked weekly, and they are biting around the Marina for anglers using Mice Tails or PowerBait.