Daiwa adds to the Kage quiver in time for pre-spawn


Just in time for spring bassing, Daiwa announced additional models to the existing line of bass rods that rival the finest high-end rods in the industry. The clean designs and state-of-the-art construction put these Kage Bass Rods in the hands of anglers ranging from the most serious weekenders to accomplished bass pros.

The fit and finish of these fishing tools are impeccable, and it starts with a matte-black look and fine wrapping that evokes quality, and the blank constructs are tailored for the specific tasks demanded by today’s bass fisherman.

Daiwa added a 7-foot, 11-inch baitcasting rod; a 7-foot, 11-inch spinning rod; and a 7-foot, 6-inch jig and deep cranking rod to the line-up.

There are also four swimbait designs, and an A-Rig and Magnum Spoon design to go with four spinning and four casting models.


The high-tech Fuji Faz Lite Ring Guides are handsome yet smooth as silk, braid-friendly, tangle-proof and rod-locker tough, and the cork handles are contoured to provide hours of comfort for long days on the water.

Daiwa’s new Kage Bass Rod Series rivals the best-built bass rods on the market. With flawless construction, beautiful cosmetics and practical task-specific designs, any serious bass angler would be proud to put a rod of this quality on the deck of the boat. Daiwa Kage rods also come packing a limited 5-year warranty.

Check out the Kage line of bass rods at the Daiwa booth at Fred Hall Long Beach or visit http://www.Daiwa.com for more information.