North Freshwater Fish Report

EAGLE LAKE RAINBOW on the long rod.

Updated July 4, 2022

CALERO — Topwater action has slowed but Senkos, Keitech Shiner swimbaits, or shallow-running crankbaits fished right up against the brush are still working. The lake is at 45 percent.

CHESBRO — Very good for bass to 3 pounds. Bluegill action has picked up for anglers using worms below a bobber. The lake is at 41 percent.

CONTRA LOMA — Produced two bass over 6 pounds this week. Catfish action picking up following the East Bay Regional Parks plant last week.


COYOTE — Bass action has been picking up slowly for anglers using Senkos or Keitech swimbaits, but numbers remain low. There is a decent bluegill bite near the dam. The lake is at 33 percent.

LAKE CHABOT — Catfish action is picking up following the East Bay Regional Parks plant catfish last week. An occasional bass. The lake dropped slightly to 81 percent.


HORSEHOE LAKE, aka. “QUARRY LAKES” Alameda Co.— Catfish action has been fair, but it should only get better.  The East Bay Regional Parks planted 600 pounds of Tsai Farms catfish last week.  An occasional bass on Senkos.


LOS VAQUEROS’ RESERVOIR — Action remains mixed with catfish, rainbows, and stripers still being taken from the shoreline between South Cove and the marina. Trout action has slowed, but there are still some holdover fish coming out of the South Cove on Power Bait or nightcrawlers. Striper action slowed this week, but a 13-pounder was reportedly taken at the mouth of South Cove on anchovies. There are still some decent catfish being taken from Cowboy Cove on worms, Power Bait, or catfish dough bait. The lake will receive the first plant of 1000-pounds Tsai Farms catfish this week and will receive another 1000 pounds each week for the next 6 to 7 weeks.

LAKE DEL VALLE — Catfishing is picking up following the East Bay Regional Parks plant of 600 pounds of Tsai Farms catfish last week. An occasional bass. An occasional trout. The lake held at 52 percent.


SAN PABLO RESEVOIR — Received 1000 pounds of catfish on Thursday, June 30th. Bass action has been ‘hit or miss’ with fish still hitting spinnerbaits or Senkos around the brush and downed trees along the East Shore and in the back of Scow Canyon. Anglers trolling spinners in the deeper water by the dam at a depth of 20 feet, and others soaking worms or Power Bait at the mouth of Scow Canyon managed a few holdover trout. Water level 74 percent.

LAKE TEMESCAL, Oakland — Catfish action has picked up following The East Bay Regional Parks plant of 600 pounds of Tsai Farms catfish last week.

UVAS RESERVOIR — Continues to produce some nice cats to 7.5 pounds as well as carp on dough, worms, and corn. There is a very good shad spawn ongoing, and the bass have started to chase shad patterns in the shallows and along the shoreline. The lake is at 54 percent.

Northern California Lakes:

ALMANOR LAKE — John Crotty of the Almanor Fishing Association said, “The hex hatch continues with shuck’s littering the lake each evening. The trout continue to key on the hex larvae as they rise through the water column, and the trout are loaded with hex larvae and insects of all kinds. The fish are in great shape with rainbows in the 2- to 4-pound class the norm.  Trollers continue to target Red Bank with as many as thirty boats trolling each morning, but the bite typically dies when the sun gets on the water. Slow trolling has been the preferred method, pick your favorite bait, crawlers, meal worms or plastics. Bass fishermen are picking up quality smallies off structure and ledges, and fly fishermen continue to target the hex hatch each evening along the west shore, and bank fishermen are picking up fish in the coves around the dam and at Hamilton Branch with Hamilton Branch kicking out a better grade of fish. The lake is at 67 percent.

AMADOR LAKE — The lake is a summer destination for camping with bonus of fishing for catfish, bluegill, and largemouth bass the targeted species during the summer months. Chicken livers, nightcrawlers, or cut bait work best for the whiskerfish, and the best action takes place at night around the campgrounds. The swim pond and water slide are now open.

LAKE BERRYESSA — Kokanee are starting to show signs of life at depths from 30 to 40 feet with Paulina Peak’s Spinner Hoochies behind a Peak Performer dodger near Skier’s Cove or the Big Island. A few king salmon are also in the mix. The lake is expected to receive more fishing interest in the coming weeks. Don Paganelli of Paganelli’s Bass Fishing Experience found bass chasing bait in 20 to 25 feet of water with plastics on the drop-shot or with Blade Runner spoons. The lake dropped to 58 percent.

BOCA/PROSSER — Boca was Reno’s playground over the holiday weekend with jet skiers and all sorts of recreational craft, and few anglers are targeting the lake with the excellent kokanee action at nearby Stampede. Prosser is kicking out smallmouth bass in good numbers for fly fishermen as the bass are holding under the big mats of pollen. Boca rose to 96 percent with Prosser holding at 77 percent.

BULLARDS BAR — There hasn’t been much change here as kokanee limits are the rule with pinks or orange hoochies or spinners at depths from 40 to 80 feet. Greens in the afternoon are also a good option. The river arm has been a good location. A few rainbow trout remain in the mix while spotted bass can be taken on a variety of plastics, jigs, or reaction baits. The lake dropped slightly to 88 percent.

CAMANCHE LAKE — Heavy recreational boat traffic over the holiday weekend slowed down any thought of trolling, but once the lake settles down after the weekend, the holdover rainbow trout bite should be back on at depths from 35 to 50 feet in the main river channel from the North Shore Marina toward the dam. Trout plants are over for the season until October. Few bass fishermen have been targeting the lake with the high recreational boat traffic. The lake rose slightly to 53 percent with releases from upstream Lake Pardee.


CLEAR LAKE — The Best Bass Tournaments will be holding events out of 5th Street in Lakeport on July 23rd and 30th, but their August 13th tournament originally scheduled here has been moved to the Delta due to low water at the ramp. The bait is plentiful in the lake, and small swimbaits or frogs are effective, but the best bite has been with chatterbaits in the grass in the open water. The key is to fish the green plants as the bass will not hold in dead grass right now. Launching at the 5th Street ramp remains best, and even if the ramp is closed for motor boats, kayaks and float tubes can be launches. Putting a large boat in the lake during the late summer and early fall will be problematic, if even possible.

COLLINS LAKE — The lake is mostly dominated by campers fishing the shoreline for warm water species, but the few trout trollers continue to find holdover rainbows in the deepest part of the lake in the main river channel with blade/’crawler combinations or Rapalas.

DAVIS LAKE — Trout fishing is good, but it is not red hot. Trollers are scoring at depths from the surface to 6 feet along the edges of the weed line at Mallard with Baby Simons in pink, Needlefish in red dot frog, or Dick Nite spoons in red/gold. Shore fishing is fair with Power Bait or nightcrawlers. Fly fishing in best in the Jenkins area with damsels, callibaetis, or blood midges. The lake has dropped to 57 percent.


DONNER — The trophy mackinaw are hungry as the rainbow trout plants are lacking, and the big macks are targeting any large food source they can find. Patience and persistence are needed for the big mackinaw which are caught and released upon occasion. The smaller mackinaw went off the bite this week, perhaps to avoid behind prey for the bigger mackinaw. Kokanee are just now starting to show up.  The lake dropped slightly from 98 to 96 percent.

DON PEDRO — Ryan Cook of Ryan Cook’s Fishing reported the best bass action has been coming on 3/8th-ounce G-Money jigs in brown/purple with a brown/green twin tailed trailer with the skirt cut down at depths from 5 to 30 feet on main lake points. When the wind is blowing, the Berkley Choppo or Strike King’s Sexy Dog topwater baits are working.  The kokanee bite has become challenging as the schools are scattered throughout the lake. Additionally, the majority of rainbow trout are loaded with copepods. The lake dropped slightly to 65 percent. The Fleming Meadows, Blue Oaks, and Moccasin launch ramps remain open, but the Fleming launch requires a long walk to the parking lot.


EAGLE LAKE — The water temperatures have warmed to 68 degrees, but the Eagle Lake-strain trout are still holding on the rockpiles from Wildcat and Pelican Point. Fly fishing with orange nymphs below an  indicator continue to produce trout to 3.5 pounds. Trollers are scoring with Jay Fair’s flies or red/gold spoons at depths to 10 feet. The store at the Eagle Lake Marina will be closed until a new concessionaire is located. All campgrounds including Christie are now open. The ramp has been extended 20 feet, but power loading a boat on a trailer is causing the end of the launch ramp to silt up as it is only 4.8 feet deep now. With the lake’s historic evaporation, the launch will be problematic by late August.


ENGLEBRIGHT — Trout trolling remains solid with blade/’crawler combinations or Wedding Rings tipped with a piece of nightcrawler behind a dodger at depths to 25 feet near the dam. A few trollers have zeroed in on kokanee limits to 17 inches, but it is a matter of finding them and staying on them. The lake rose slightly to 97 percent.


FOLSOM LAKE — Heavy recreational boating arrived over the Independence Day weekend, but prior to the boat traffic, rainbow trout to 3 pounds were abundant with Speedy Shiners in red/gold, GVF Draggin’s in Pina Colada, or small Lyman’s plugs at depths from 20 to 40 feet. The lake is loaded with threadfin shad, and the trout are spitting up shad. King salmon are still there for the taking, but it is quality over quantity with the occasional king over 10 pounds on rolled anchovies or Speedy Shiners. Bass fishing remains solid with reaction baits near the rocks, but recreational boaters take over the lake by 10:00 a.m.  The lake dropped from 87 to 83 percent with water releases down the lower American River. The launch ramps at Brown’s Ravine, Granite Bay, and Rattlesnake remain open.


McCLURE LAKE — Ryan Cook of Ryan Cook’s Fishing said, “There still hasn’t been much change, but the bass bite has been tougher than at the other Mother Lode reservoirs. ¼-ounce Kastmasters, 2.8-inch Keitech swimbaits on a 1/8th-ounce G-Money Ned-rig head or a 1/8th-ounce G-Money underspin are effective along with topwater lures or jigs in a light sculpin pattern.”  The trout have gone deep, and the best action is for trollers pulling shad-patterned spoons near the dam. The area from the Houseboats south including Temperance and Cotton is now 5 MPH.  There are several additional tournaments in the coming months. The lake dropped from 41 to 39 percent, and the best ramp continues to be at Barrett Cove South.

NEW MELONES — The West’s best kokanee teams will descend upon the lake this week in search of the elusive 19-inch kokanee, but there will be some success with great anticipation of a close and competitive tournament. Kokanee action remains outstanding at depths from 45 to 65 feet with Paulina Peak’s Flutter Bugs, J-Pex, or Apex lures. The kokanee are starting to school up on structure in the southern portion of the lake, but they haven’t been found past Rose Island. The lake dropped to 33 percent, and numerous unmarked hazards remain throughout the lake. Boaters have to be extremely cautious. The Glory Hole and Tuttletown ramps are on the low water ramps, and they will be accessible until the lake drops below 900 feet in elevation. It dropped over nearly three feet to 910.06.


LAKE OROVILLE — The bass remain thin with full-day trips producing up to 50 spotted bass to 2 pounds with the Bass Union weedless darter head or drop-shot along with the new Bass Union casting jig which is best in the tules, grass, or wood. The reaction bite has been slow. King salmon fishing remains hit or miss with dedicated trollers working hard for the opportunity for one or two kings to 5 pounds or below working the main river channel. Loafer Creek is the best launch, but the Spillway is back open with 6 to 7 lanes and plenty of parking. Lime Saddle launch is another option as there is plenty of access on the lake. The lake dropped slightly to 49 percent.


LAKE PARDEE — Trout fishing remains solid for trollers pulling Speedy Shiner in open water at depths from 30 to 50 feet for both holdover Lightning or rainbow trout. Kokanee to 14 inches are found in the river arm at depths from 80 to 100 feet with micro-hoochies. The new marina hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Trout plants will continue through the summer months. There have been some large catfish landed on nightcrawlers or cut baits. For bass, plastics on the drop-shot or dragging Senkos continue to produce largemouth, spotted, and smallmouths. The lake dropped from 98 to 96 percent.


LAKE SHASTA — The bass bite for numbers to 3 pounds good, especially in the current of the Pit Arm with swimbaits, spinnerbaits, or weightless Senkos fished right up against the trees. The bass bite on the main body has slowed, but there are still decent numbers being taken on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, or plastics.

The kokanee bite has been improving weekly with summer-type fishing action with bigger trout, kokanee, a few kings, and some spotted bass. Early mornings have been most productive as the afternoon bite has been very slow.  The baby shad are starting to ball up in the lower lake and spoons trolled at 40 to 50 feet deep have had the best results. Crowds remain very light. The lake level is steady at 39 percent.


LAKE SONOMA —Summertime is here, but it is not as bad as previous years with the lake being so low and the no wake restrictions. A good bet this time of year is to fish the face of the dam with live crawdads at night.  Zoom Flukes work as well. The lake remains very low, holding at 35 percent of capacity.


LAKE STAMPEDE — The incredible kokanee action isn’t showing much signs of dissipating as quick limits of kokanee to 14 inches are the rule with Paulina Peak’s watermelon UV hoochies behind a P-Lite dodger at depths from 20 to 50 feet. The best grade is found in shallower water. The lake dropped slightly to 54 percent of capacity.


LAKE TAHOE — Mackinaw action remains excellent with as many as 24 mackinaw to 15.2 pounds on live bait within 1.5 hours at depths from  100 to 150 feet on either the north or south side of the lake with live minnows under a Tahoe Flasher or spoons bounced over the shelves. Kokanee to 12 inches are just now starting to school up, but they are scattered in small grouping on the south side of the lake.  The Lahontan National Fish Hatchery Complex in Gardnerville, Nev., began stocking 100,000 catchable, Lahontan cutthroat trout into Lake Tahoe June 1 and will continue stocking throughout the summer as conditions allow. Rainbows and browns can be found on occasion in the shallows. The feeder creeks are open for no bait, barbless hook fishing.

TRINITY LAKE — Bass action remains outstanding with for fish to 6.5-pounds. There are fish throughout the water column and can be taken as deep as 35 feet on Keitech swimbaits on a ball head or as shallow as 5 feet on plastics, reaction baits, and shallow cranks all within 10 feet of the shoreline. The lake dropped slightly to 29 percent.


TRUCKEE RIVER — The flows on the Truckee held at 5 497 cfs at Farad, but the flows should increase in the coming weeks to accommodate tubers starting below the Fanny Bridge in Tahoe City. The water temperatures have risen to the mid-60’s in the late afternoons, and the trout are feeding heavily. Yellow sallies and PMD’s are hatching during the daytime with caddis and golden stones in the evenings. There is some action on dry flies on overcast days with green drakes for quality rainbows.


WHISKEYTOWN LAKE — Kokanee action just won’t end although the pressure is light. Kirk Portocarrero of SacRiver Guide reported limits of quality kokanee continue to be the norm. The fish have moved deeper in the column are now holding between 55 to 70 feet, and Wedding Rings trolled at 1.5 mph. continue to produce. Topwater bass action remains very good and Senkos or Keitech swimbaits fished right up on the weeds are also working. The lake held at 98 percent.



Central Valley Rivers:


AMERICAN RIVER/above Folsom Lake — The river has risen once again at Chili Bar from 935 to 1873 cfs, but the flows have been up and down depending upon water releases for whitewater rafters. The trout are holding from pool to pool now, and smaller presentations are best along with lighter line in the clear river. The key to success is getting farther and farther away from the easy access points.

AMERICAN RIVER/Sacramento — The American shad bite on the American River is about over with fewer and fewer fish seen each day. There are a few shad in the lower sections of the river below the Paradise Rapids and the upper sections of the river near Sailor Bar with few fish reported mid-river. With water releases out of Folsom Lake, the American River has risen from 2978 to 5152 cfs. at Fair Oaks.

FEATHER RIVER — Flow levels on the Feather have come up significantly.  Some spring steelhead may still be available in the low flow area. The low flow section above Highway 70 will close to fishing on July 15th and won’t reopen until January 1, 2023. Some striped bass are still holding in the vicinity of Boyd’s Pump. There have been reports of salmon now starting to show in the vicinity of Boyd’s Pump and near Verona. River salmon season opens on July 16th. The Thermalito Afterbay should fish well for large trout and steelhead. The Feather flows at Star Bend are down from 3,798 to 3,312 cfs., but they are up at Gridley from 3,713 to 4,884 cfs.

YUBA RIVER — Trout action on the Yuba has tapered off due to the warmer weather. There are still a few fish being taken early in the day on caddis or nymph patterns. There may still be some pockets of shad holding in the cooler water below Hallwood Blvd. but numbers are low.  The flows at Marysville are up significantly from 648 to 1060 cfs.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Keswick Reservoir to Red Bluff — Trout action on the Sac. below Highway 44 has slowed, and the pressure is down, but the bite remains good with the best action from Redding to Anderson. Caddis or nymph patterns have been the top producers. The flows below Keswick are up from 4,287 to 4,568 cfs.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Colusa to Tisdale — Some stripers are still holding in the vicinity of Corning with fish spread out in the cooler water to Red Bluff. Striper action near Colusa is fair with shakers and some keepers reported. Solid numbers of shakers for fly fishermen throwing Clouser Minnows. Chico area also producing a decent number of shakers. Smallmouth and largemouth action remains good on spinnerbaits or topwater lures fished at the mouth of the creeks and tributaries or in the slower water. The flows at the Colusa Bridge down to 3219 cfs.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Metro area — There are still some pockets of shad holding near Verona with some decent action reported. Striper action picked up a notch and there were several larger downstreamers reported below the Metro Area. Local action remains mostly crappie, catfish, or bass in the small water. There have been reports of salmon starting to show in the area around Verona. There have been reports of heavy weeds and other debris throughout the river.

North Coast Rivers:

Sections of the main Eel (South Fork to Cape Horn Dam), South Fork Eel (South Fork Eel River from mouth to Rattlesnake Creek) Van Duzen, Mad, Little River, Mattole and Smith will re-open on Saturday, May 28. On most rivers, only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used. For a complete list of river openings and regulations visit


CHETCO RIVER, Brookings, Ore. A few king salmon are being caught in the ocean just outside of the jetties, but fishing is slow in the estuary. Crabbing has been decent in the Chetco estuary, while surfperch also are being caught.


EEL RIVER (main stem) — Flows are at summer levels, running just above 350 cfs at Scotia Sunday. Not much in the way of fishing pressure this time of the year. The main stem Eel to the South Fork is open all year. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used through Sept. 30.



KLAMATH RIVER, Klamath Glen — Salmon season on the lower Klamath opened July 1 below the 96 bridge at Weitchpec. Upriver of the Glen is mossy, which made anchor fishing tough. There were a couple caught, however. Boats trolling the estuary didn’t do much better. Just a couple were caught Friday and Saturday. With favorable river conditions, springers aren’t holding and are moving quickly upriver. The bulk of the springers are likely in the river and the fall fish should be showing in the next couple weeks. Flows on Sunday were 4,500 cfs at the mouth of the Klamath, 2,400 cfs at Orleans, and 1,200 cfs further upstream in the Seiad Valley.


ROGUE RIVER, Gold Beach, Ore. A few salmon a day are being caught in the bay, but action remains slow. The season is still early, and catch rates often improve in late July. August is peak season for the Rogue Bay.

RUSSIAN RIVER — The summer sams just went in so the bass will take about a week to get acclimated to the still-rising water. Bass fishing is best early in the day with either small Poppers or Senkos in green pumpkin. The river has dropped from 56 to 46 cfs at the Hacienda Bridge near Guerneville.


UMPQUA RIVER, Reedsport, Ore. — A mix of hatchery coho and king salmon are being caught near Winchester Bay. A few redtail surfperch and an occasional striped bass also are being caught between Reedsport and the mouth.


SMITH RIVER, Crescent City — After a dry week, flows are down to 900 cfs at Jed Smith on Sunday. The river is open from its mouth to the confluence of the Middle and South Forks; Middle Fork Smith River from mouth to Patrick Creek; South Fork Smith River from the mouth upstream approximately 1,000 feet to the County Road (George Tryon) bridge and Craigs Creek to Jones Creek. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used on some sections. For a complete list of regulations visit



TRINITY RIVER, Willow Creek — Salmon fishing opened July 1 upstream of the confluence of the South Fork. Catching reports were hard to come by, but there doesn’t appear to be a lack of spring salmon in the Trinity. Quite a few boats were on the river in the Douglas City area. Numbers counted at the Junction City weir continue to show a very healthy return to date. As of Sunday, flows were 1,175 cfs on the Hoopa gauge.


Cencal Lakes:

BASS LAKE — Heavy recreational pressure dominated the lake over the weekend, and with summertime in full swing, the recreational boaters will take over the lake after 9:00 a.m. Trout trolling remains solid at depths to 28 feet with pink or orange Dick’s Mountain Hoochies or Rocky Mountain Tackle’s Wiggle Hoochies tipped with maggots and or a little piece of nightcrawler behind a Dick’s Mountain Dodger in front of Miller’s Landing and also in front of the Forks Resort. The kokanee have yet to show, but there is hope for the coming weeks. Bass fishing is plastics on a shakey head or dart head along with reaction lures. With the Sheriff’s Motor Fee in place, few bass boats are heading to the lake.  A webcam of the launch ramp is available at The lake held at 82 percent.


COURTRIGHT/WISHON RESERVOIRS — Kelly Brewer at the Wishon RV Park and Store said, “Both lakes are producing limits of trout for trollers, and there was a plant of smaller catchable rainbows at both lakes this week. Trolling at 30 to 40 feet is producing 14-inch plus trout with Wedding Rings tipped with a piece of nightcrawler behind a dodger or a blade/’crawler combination on a faster troll than normal. Bank fishing is best with Power Bait or nightcrawlers, and the action is best the farther from the normal access points.  Michael Crayne of Valley Rod and Gun in Clovis advises moving as far away from the dam as possible in order to locate better action. Wishon has been extremely crowded from the banks.


EASTMAN/HENSLEY — Eastman remains more productive than Hensley with holdover rainbow trout near the water pipe near the dam with Power Bait or nightcrawlers. 10-inch plastic worms or Senkos are working for bass. Catfish are taken at both lakes at night on chicken livers, cut baits, or nightcrawlers. Hensley continues to produce carp in the shallows or bluegill in the brush in the back of the lake. Eastman held at 10 percent with Hensley dropped from 20 to 18 percent.

HUNTINGTON/SHAVER — Trout trolling has been the story at Shaver Lake prior to the arrival of heavy boat traffic for the Independence Day weekend. Dick’s Mountain Trout Busters in either the Stevenson or Trophy models behind a Dick’s Mountain Dodger tipped with piece of nightcrawler and corn with a 120-foot set back until 8:00 a.m. before extending the set back to 135 feet back or something equivalent are working best for trout. Kokanee in excess of 19 inches are possible for those hunting the big fish with hoochies, Wiggle Hoochies, or spinners coated with Northwest Bait And Scent kokanee and Tuna/Garlic behind gold JPex or  UV fluorescent Wonder Bread. The Kokanee Power Team Tournament is September 10th, and there is great anticipation for quality three-fish limits.

At Huntington, limits of kokanee are taken on purple/copper or purple/pink/copper action bugs behind copper dodgers on downriggers at 25 to 35 feet or on the side rods with a setback of 125 feet with a half-ounce weight.  Shaver’s launch ramp conditions can be checked via webcam at Huntington is at 98 percent, with Shaver at 62 percent.


MILLERTON — With the heavy recreational boat traffic, there hasn’t been much incentive to fish the lake. Crappie are found in Winchell’s Cove with small Keitech swimbaits or minijigs with bluegill around the Rocky Point campground in the brush. Spotted bass to 3 pounds are possible on 3-inch MegaBass Hazedong on a small jig head over the rocks. The lake dropped from 68 to 66 percent, and the San Joaquin River dropped from 1315 to 644 cfs at Friant.

PINE FLAT/LOWER KINGS — There is a topwater bite for spotted bass in the early mornings before working the bottom with deep-diving crankbaits, creature baits, plastic worms or Senkos on a Texas-rig. Trout trolling remains a good bet with shad-patterned spoons or blade/’crawler combinations up the river arm or around Deer Creek. Crappie are found near Deer Creek and in the trees near Lake Park with minijigs or small swimbaits. In the lower Kings, the trout action has slowed down due to the lack of recent plants and most anglers heading for the high country. Fly fishermen continue to score in the catch-and-release section. The flows have dropped from 855 to 697 cfs at Trimmer. The lake dropped from 54 to 48 percent.


SAN LUIS/ O’NEILL FOREBAY— Bank fishing is taking precedence with the lack of jumbo or extra-large minnows, and blood or pile worms have been the top baits. The new blue-brined anchovies from J and P Bait have also been a top seller. With the Basalt Recreation Area launch closed, most bank fishermen are heading to Dinosaur Point. In the Forebay, the fluke bite remains solid on an Owner underspin along with Sixth Sense, Duo Realis, or Spro’s swimbaits. The main lake dropped slightly to 39 percent with the forebay also dropping to 82 percent.



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