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JEREMY SWINGLEY set the bar high on his first striped bass ever, this 18.15 pounder that fell for a Swimbait Republic Glideway 176.

Updated July 8, 2024

DIXON LAKE – There’s been no word on when the first catfish stock will arrive, but night fishing using commences right after the 4th of July, so the first catfish stock should be arriving soon. This lake does have a year round population though, so anglers have a good shot at a few fish even before the stocks begin. The bouyline and trout cove are the best spots, before or after the stocks. All quiet on the bass front, but there’s always a good topwater bite in the summer. Dixon bass anglers tend to be tight lipped, but the summer bite can be fun, especially early on the topwater baits. The lake will stay open until 11:30 on Thursdays and Friday nights once whiskerfish arrive. Until then, the regular hours are from 6am to 730pm, with boats having to be back at the dock by 7pm.

DIAMOND VALLEY LAKE – Tough bite for bigger bass here, but there is an abundance of smaller fish to be caught. Dropshotting a margarita mutilator is a steady technique, but the insiders suggest that a bigger worm on the dropshot is a better option for an increase in fish size. Senkos and ikas are good options, but as the bottom contour gets grassier and mossier, baits that are up off the bottom like the aforementioned dropshot are the better bets. At least one nice striper was caught too, but no details were given on that fish. The lake will have less and less people with the rising temps, but there is a great summer topwater bite for those who brave the heat. The lake is offering 30 percent off on pontoon rentals starting on June 13 and ending on July 28. This offer is only good from Thursdays through Sunday, however, as Wednesdays are half off anyway. For the guys that are targeting the bluegill, small jigs in shad patterns on a leadhead will get these feisty fish to go. Anglers who fish the shore are advised to step carefully, as many hikers and walkers have reported rattlesnakes being on the prowl almost daily. The lake is offering 30% off deluxe pontoon rentals, as well as half off parking and launching fees Wednesday through Friday until October 1. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

EL CAPITAN RESERVOIR – The bass are biting, but the pressure is light. There’s a reaction bite early, with blade baits, jerkbaits, and some topwater available. The fish are anywhere from the shoreline out to about 15,’ and then from about 25’ to 35.’ The steeper the bank, the better. Those deeper fish will hit senkos, dropshots, or big crankbaits. Anglers don’t have to be here early either, as there is a very good afternoon and evening bite going on, particularly on those big, deep crankbaits, like a Strike King 6, 8, or 10xd.  Big worms are a good summertime bait here too, and one that anglers don’t typically talk about. Lots of really nice 3 to 4 pound fish coming in, with those deeper fish being healthier and fatter then the shallower ones. No word on any other species, which either means they’re very slow, or anglers don’t want to share their bite.


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