Frabill wins ICAST Best Fly Fishing Accessory for Floating Trout Nets


Frabill has notched another ICAST New Product Showcase win, this time for Best Fly Fishing Accessory for the new Floating Trout Nets. Here are the deets:

Grand Prairie, Texas — Trout anglers long for that flash of silver, as a big trout erupts from the bottom to sip a fly off the surface of the water or grab a strategically placed spinner. The battle that ensues brings pandemonium to the cold-water angler longing for action.

Wading clear, rumbling streams, or fishing quaint, secluded lakes, trout anglers are always searching for their next adventure. A proper landing net will ensure any fish released will survive for another day. Proper handling ensures a future for this precious resource, and a landing net is an essential piece of equipment to turn your hookup into an accomplishment.

Frabill developed the Floating Trout Net family to enable anglers to practice proper catch-and-release methods or to put a fish on the dinner table. The design of the Floating Trout Nets benefits fishermen who like to wade, fly fish or use their favorite watercraft. Frabill’s floating trout nets make it easy to land and release your catch safely and quickly.


The floating hoop keeps the net frame on the water surface for easy fish handling and holds the tangle-free micromesh netting in place and aides in the capture and release of feisty trout. The fish should not get away, and neither should your net, which is why it sports a comfortable rubber handle and includes a lanyard with a carabiner.

With the safety of the fish in mind, Frabill uses a classic hoop design in a variety of sizes and flat bottom netting, which supports fish evenly and prevents damage. The gunmetal finished hoop will not spook fish as they come to the net, and offers durability for long-lasting use.

The Floating Trout Net family uses tangle-free micromesh (TFMM) netting to ensure the fish scales are protected. Rubber grips are strategically placed on the handles for secure, non-slip holds. With a 7.5 inch handle, the Floating Trout Net is easy to strap to your fishing vest, pontoon boat, or kayak to have it ready when needed.

Conservation is the future of fishing, and Frabill empowers anglers to practice safe catch-and-release while protecting fish. Plan for tomorrow and get a Floating Trout Net before hitting the water.

Floating Trout Net Family Features:

  • Available in Tangle-Free Micro-Mesh
  • Flat bottom nets to better protect the fish
  • Designed to conserve fish through proper catch-and-release
  • Includes a lanyard and carabiner
  • Gunmetal finish hoop

Floating Trout Net Availability:

  • Floating Trout Net 11×15 7.5” TFMM 1”
  • Floating Trout Net 9×20 7.5” TFMM 1”
  • Floating Trout Net 13×18 7.5” TFMM 1”
  • Floating Trout Net 17×22 7.5” TFMM 1”
  • Floating Trout Net 19×25 TD TFMM 1”