Investigation ongoing after harbor fire on Lake Mead

LAS VEGAS BOAT HARBOR caught on fire early in the morning on June 9. JESSE PATRICK PHOTO

BOULDER CITY, Nev. – Lake Mead National Recreation Area officials continue to investigate the fire that broke out early on June 9 at the Las Vegas Boat Harbor. The fire damaged or destroyed several boats, as well as led to the closure of “I” and “R” docks at the marina where the fire took place. Approximately 15 boats were damaged or destroyed by the fire according to the National Park Service.

Moving forward, park officials will work with agency partners to assess damage caused by the fire and address future cleanup, repair, and other salvage actions. This process is expected to continue for a minimum of several weeks.

NPS staff will provide updates to the community as needed. Owners of damaged boats have been notified by staff at the Las Vegas Boat Harbor, who manage patron inquiries. Specific questions regarding operations at the marina should be directed to the Las Vegas Boat Harbor staff, at (702) 293-1191.

Going into the weekend, NPS officials want to remind everyone that most of the marina — as well as the rest of Lake Mead National Recreation Area — is open for business. Although the National Park Service’s partial closure order for “R Dock” and “I Dock” remains in effect, they encourage visitors to come out and have a fun, safe weekend enjoying the rest of the park.


The marina remains open to the public, but NPS officials issued a partial area closure of the harbor’s R and I Docks, as the investigation remains ongoing. The I Dock is open other than the damaged areas, and repairs to the R-Dock is currently underway.

Visitors should exercise caution when accessing Hemenway Harbor and open portions of Las Vegas Boat Harbor due to potential safety concerns.