New organization looks to further supplement trout stocking Crowley Lake

CROWLEY CHROME (Sierra Drifters Photo)

The latest in a growing trend of non-profit fish funding in the Eastern Sierra


CROWLEY LAKE— Crowley Fish Foundation (CFF) is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to preserving the region’s reputation as a world-class fishing destination. CFF represents all angler types and encourages everyone to experience excellent recreational fishing, through increased fish stocking, education, conservation, and fishing events.

The mission of Crowley Fish Foundation is to work with public and private organizations to maintain an exceptional fishing experience for all types of anglers. CFF is focused on raising funds for supplemental fish stocking throughout the region’s lakes and rivers, educating anglers about fishing opportunities and proper fish care, and partnering with governmental agencies, groups and businesses. The organization supports tournaments and youth fishing events. CFF works with other stakeholders to maintain the area’s position as a prestigious fishing destination.


CFF is in the beginning stage of operation and is currently composed of a diverse board represented by recreational anglers and fishing guides alike. Board members reside throughout the Eastern Sierra and Southern California. The organization has the realistic goal of obtaining 501c3 status within the next 12 to 18 months. While it is currently not a tax-exempt organization, CFF is soliciting donations to ground itself as an established 501c3 organization and begin supplemental fish stocking in Crowley Lake and its tributaries.

The volunteer members of the board are asking you to help the organization to help improve fishing in the Crowley Lake region. It is our universally shared objective to bring back and maintain Crowley Lake and its tributaries as an elite, world-class fishery by supplementing the fish stocking efforts of DFW with additional fish. The organization and its board members operate with clear transparency. We will gladly take donations to begin supplementing fish stocking. The link is:

Current board members include Chris Leonard, Joe Contaldi, Matt Rodrigues, Ernie Gulley, Hodges Glass, Andre Nersesian, and Danny Corral.