Pacific Dawn runs into tuna on way back from rockfish trip

TED REED III front and center with one of several tuna caught aboard the Pacific Dawn on the way back from a rockfish trip. Also pictured are the other successful tuna anglers and the crew of the Pac Dawn.


VENTURA – The Pacific Dawn out of Ventura Harbor Sportfishing embarked on a bottom fishing trip only to run into anything but on the way back to the barn. Of course, rockfish sacks were filled, but no one was expecting what popped up on the way back in from Santa Rosa Island.

“There was no current for white seabass and halibut, so it became a rockfish trip,” said Teddy Reed III, who was on the Pac Dawn. “We were on our way back and we ran into tuna.”

Reed said most passengers had broken down their gear, but he was able to send out a Coltsniper on 40-pound and hook up. He hooked up at 3:30 p.m. and landed the fish at 5:15. Reed said he hooked up a couple more times but did not land them, but the Pacific Dawn did boat a total of three out of about 10 hookups before they called in the Endeavor to get them in on the action.


According to Reed, due to the “right kind” showing up on the way back in, the Pacific Dawn did not return to the dock until after 1 a.m. after that unexpected show.

THE PACIFIC DAWN was heading back home from a rockfish trip when they ran into foaming bluefin and caught three of them including this one bagged by Teddy Reed.