Plano Waterproof Cases


The simply named Plano Waterproof Cases don’t need much by way of description. They are exactly what they appear to be, waterproof storage for your gear. But that description sells these tough, clear polycarbonate boxes available in a variety of handy sizes short.

They are so great because they feature strong, crush-proof construction, robust Dri-Loc O-ring seals and large, easy to use, dependable latches. It all adds up to confidence, the confidence you need to entrust valuables such as pricey smartphones, wallets and cameras to their protection.

A closer look reveals several notable features that take these cases a step above most competition. Every Waterproof Case has a vent beneath the front latch, a critical feature if you take them sealed from the high Sierra down to sea level.

There’s rubber padding on the bottom interior of each Case, non-skid rubber feet on the outside, and an additional sheet of rubber padding to protect delicate gear. Larger Waterproof Cases boast carrying handles and smaller ones have lanyards. There are even places to attach a small padlock if you wish.


Plano rates its Waterproof Cases as submersible to 1 meter for 30 minutes, which should be plenty, as under normal loads it’s likely if one goes into the drink it will float.

Use: If you fish you need something to protect your gear from a watery world. We keep a couple of Plano’s Waterproof Cases on the boat. One houses a first aid kit and another is kept close at hand to safely stash truck keys, mobile phones and passports. These handy cases also come camping and we’ve used them as tackle boxes from time to time. They are just about mandatory for kayakers. In short, everybody needs at least one.

Cost: $10.52 to $42.58


Bottom line: We’ve used Plano Waterproof Cases for more than a decade and we’ve never had one fail. We’ve abused them too and they just keep ticking. They are supremely durable, a step up from Plano’s excellent Waterproof StowAway tackle flats, of which we’re also fans. If you need waterproof protection for your valuables look no farther.