St. Croix brings Triumph to inshore anglers


ALL-NEW Triumph Inshore spinning and casting collection for 2021 are the specialized rods coastal anglers have been asking for

PARK FALLS, Wisc. – Inshore angling techniques are as varied as the coastal waters themselves. All have unique habitats, ecosystems, weather, and forage, and these variables combine to determine the myriad gamefish that live or make seasonal visits there. And the individual anglers who fish these waters? Well, they have preferences, too.

St. Croix understands that varied presentations call for unique rod choices, and its extremely popular Triumph rod series is evidence of such. Featuring 48 distinct models covering freshwater, musky, travel, salmon and steelhead, and surf, the expansive Triumph family of rods blends technology with value to give anglers the precise tools they need to maintain the upper hand at an exceptional price. The formula works; collectively, Triumph enjoys the special distinction of being the best-selling North American-made fishing rod series in the world.

For 2021, the entire Triumph collection has been fully re-imagined with upgraded cosmetics and new components. As a part of this process, St. Croix’s product development team saw an opportunity to give coastal anglers new choices by expanding the re-engineered Triumph series to include 13 all-new Triumph Inshore spinning and casting rods.


Meet the All-New Triumph Inshore Series

The all-new Triumph  Inshore Series includes six versatile spinning rods with full, premium cork handles, plus seven unique casting models with a mix of full cork and split-grip handles. Ranging from 6’8” to 7’6” in length and medium-light to heavy power, all are one piece, crafted from trusted SCII carbon and feature all-new Triumph-family cosmetics with a special Sea Smoke color unique to Triumph Inshore. All have fast or moderate-fast actions, with the exception of the 7’ medium-light casting model, which features a moderate, parabolic action. These new rods will break new ground in St. Croix’s inshore rod retail pricing structure, too, with all models selling between $130 and $150.

“Beyond the primary fact that these new rods were designed with key angler input, the biggest thing we hope anglers understand about the new Triumph Inshore Series is that they offer a combination of exceptional quality and performance at a price point St. Croix has never previously attained in a coastal series,” says Alex Smay, St. Croix NE Regional Account Manager. “Triumph Inshore is also a highly complete series, meaning from the whole regional fisheries perspective, we’ve got varying lengths, powers and actions to handle any inshore species.”

When researching and designing the new Triumph Inshore Series, St. Croix relied on input from coastal anglers throughout the country to deliver the exact rods they requested, made precisely for the kinds of fishing they do.

Split grips are preferred and drive a lot of the business in certain inshore markets. Full cork grips are preferred in others. “That’s why Triumph Inshore offers both; we wanted to ensure we had the needs of anglers covered,” says Kraimer. “The product development team must have had five different meetings discussing grip lengths and diameters alone, and additional multiple meetings on lengths and actions. Then St. Croix’s engineers nailed the designs. Their attention to detail is obvious in these rods… the 6’8” lengths are especially light, crisp and responsive, just like anglers want… the ideal parabolic action in the medium-light, moderate model… they addressed all these little things that add up to make a huge difference in a rod’s performance, but are often overlooked elsewhere.”

St. Croix Product Manager, Ryan Teach, dives deeper into Triumph Inshore’s DNA: “Triumph Inshore rods are built for any opportunity an angler might face with coastal fish. All of our saltwater rods are built with a slightly heavier power to take advantage of the opportunity to make that hook-set.

“In terms of the rod development, we did our homework and worked with Sea Guide to supply the exceptional componentry for Triumph Inshore,” Teach continues. “At a retail cost between $130 and $150, these rods represent a new standard in value and performance that’s going to be appreciated by all coastal anglers – from the angler who wants to explore inshore fishing for the first time to others buying their second, third, or twentieth inshore rod. These rods perform well beyond their price point and are backed by a five-year St. Croix warranty.”


  • 7’ spinning, medium-light power, fast action (TRIS70MLF)
  • 7’ spinning, medium power, fast action (TRIS70MF)
  • 7’ spinning, medium-heavy power, fast action (TRIS70MHF)
  • 7’ spinning, heavy power, fast action (TRIS70HF)
  • 7’6” spinning, medium power, fast action (TRIS76MF)
  • 7’6” spinning, medium-heavy power, fast action (TRIS76MHF)
  • 7’ casting, medium-light power, moderate action (TRIC70MLM)
  • 7’ casting, medium power, fast action (TRIC70MF)
  • 7’ casting, medium-heavy power, fast action (TRIC70MHF)
  • 7’ casting, medium power, moderate-fast action, split-grip (TRIC70MMFSG)
  • 6’8” casting, medium-light power, moderate-fast action, split-grip (TRIC68MLMFSG)
  • 6’8” casting, medium power, moderate-fast action, split-grip (TRIC68MMFSG)
  • 6’8” casting, medium-heavy power, moderate-fast action, split grip (TRIC68MHMFSG)



  • Premium-quality SCII carbon
  • Sea Guide Atlas Performance slim aluminum-oxide guides with sandblasted frames
  • Sea Guide XDPS reel seat with eco-friendly sandblasted hoods on spinning models
  • Sea Guide ECS or TCS reel seat with eco-friendly sandblasted hood on casting models
  • Premium-grade cork handle
  • Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  • Outstanding strength, sensitivity and hook-setting power
  • Designed in Park Falls, U.S.A. and handcrafted in North America (Fresnillo, Mexico)
  • Retail prices range from $130-$150

Looking for your next inshore rod? Look no further than the all-new Triumph Inshore Series. Designed for the value- and performance-minded savvy inshore angler, Triumph Inshore delivers specialized componentry, blank, and handle configurations regionally requested by mindful inshore anglers seeking the ultimate experience. They are expected to be available for purchase at St. Croix dealers worldwide this fall.