Suzuki Repower Report for June 18, 2020


This is WON’s Repower Report, brought to you by Suzuki Marine. This feature showcase one of many repower projects performed by Suzuki’s professional dealers and mechanics in Southern California. Each new report will feature product specifications on different Suzuki engines for all types of boats, as well as the story behind the project about the anglers and their boats.

In this edition we talk to Brett Woods.

What’s the make and model of your boat and how long have you owned it?

It’s a 1998 Boston Whaler Outrage 20′. I’ve owned the boat for about 1 year. I grew up in a boating family and have been boating all my life. So, I’ve had a few other boats before, but this one is the real deal.


How do you use the boat – Fishing, Diving, etc..?

Mostly, the boat is used for Catalina runs. We enjoy diving, spearfishing, lobster diving, but most of the time we just cruise around in our scuba gear and check stuff out. We have run up

to Long Beach a few times and Dana Point here and there, but we just love making those Catalina trips. However, I need to get out there more to break in my new motor and put some hours on it.

What was your most memorable trip on the boat?

We love everything about going to Catalina, but the most enjoyable is bringing our kids over to visit their grandparents in Avalon. Having the family all together is very important

to us, and our new Suzuki makes it all possible.

How did you decide to repower with a new Suzuki?

Well, I wanted a Japanese motor, something with a good warranty and with a fair price. The price was better than a Yamaha and the technology was better too. I really like the gear ratio. I can run a bigger prop, which is better for what I do. The offset drive shaft makes it quieter and it vibrates less.

Any other major projects or upgrades on the horizon for your baby?

Nothing major coming up in the future. I did a rehaul of the electrical last year so it’s all up to date.  This boat is DIALED IN.