Suzuki Repower Report for June 5, 2020


This is WON’s Repower Report, brought to you by Suzuki Marine. This feature showcase one of many repower projects performed by Suzuki’s professional dealers and mechanics in Southern California. Each new report will feature product specifications on different Suzuki engines for all types of boats, as well as the story behind the project about the anglers and their boats.

In this issue we caught up with Donna Kalez of Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching to discuss their new excursion boat, “Lot a Fun.”

Tell us about the “Lot a Fun.”

She’s a 47′ x 16′ catamaran built by Cooper Marine in St. Petersburg, Florida specifically for commercial passenger use. We use her for Whale Watch Excursions, Wine Cruises and Private Charters. Ron Cooper has been building these catamaran hulls for 35 years and has 130 catamarans in service all over the world. The boat has a heavily laid up fiberglass hull constructed from a massive one-piece mold. To allow proper curing, the hull will sit in its mold for six weeks before being “popped.” The deck itself is also constructed from a one-piece mold and the bulkheads and stringers are built using composite (non-wood), materials. These catamaran hulls are designed to be safe and stable; even when loaded down with 47 passengers, and they’re very economical to operate.


Why did you choose to power with Suzuki?

Ron at Cooper Marine highly recommended the twin 350s due to their power, low end torque and fuel economy. The added traction or “bite” of the engines’ dual prop design is also a huge plus, especially as the boat accelerates to plane with a full load of 47 passengers and 4 crew members. The boat is also very economical with these engines. With a full passenger load, the boat gets 2 mpg at idle speed which is no small feat for a 47′ catamaran. Even up on plane at 20 mph she still achieves 1 mpg!

For more information about Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching, call 949-496-5794.

To learn more about Cooper Marine, call Ron at 727-804-6389.