Suzuki Repower Report for May 5, 2020


This is WON’s Repower Report, brought to you by Suzuki Marine. This feature showcases one of many repower projects performed by Suzuki’s professional dealers and mechanics in Southern California. Each new report will feature product specifications on different Suzuki engines for all types of fishing boats, as well as the story behind the project about the anglers and their boats. In this issue we talk to Eddie Ota.

What’s the make and model of your boat and how long have you owned it?
It’s a Twin Vee 26’ Weekender. It’s a 2001 and I’ve owned it since it was brand new. A few of my buddies have the same boat and it’s been great over the years.

How do you use the boat – Fishing, diving, etc..?
I use the boat for spearfishing and fishing. I primarily spear fish, but when we are anchored up or just cruising around and see some action, I have some rods and reels on board just in case I need to quickly toss out an iron. I’ve had great memories on the boat doing both.

What was your most memorable trip on the boat?
My most memorable time on the boat has to be when my good buddies and I went down to Santa Barbara Island for a spearfishing trip and had an amazing day. We got some of the biggest yellowtail we’ve ever had. We even had to leave early because we ran out of room in the ice chest!


How did you decide to repower with a new Suzuki?
The cost was most important to me when making a decision on a new motor and you just can’t beat Suzuki. I considered Evinrude, but they just didn’t have something comparable to a Suzuki. Plus, Maurer Marine was already servicing my boat and the convenience of Maurer doing the repower was another big factor. The folks at Maurer are just great.

Any other major projects or upgrades on the horizon for your baby?
During the next off-season I will have to do the fuel tanks. The brackets that hold the tanks are corroded and the tanks move. I definitely need to get that fixed next. Like I said, a few of my friends have the same boat and have re-done the fuel tanks around this time. But after that, we are looking good!