Fenwick shoots into forefront with four rod arsenals to choose from

EVERY ELEMENT of Fenwick's top-shelf World Class rods is crafted from the finest materials available.

Modern Fenwick rod lines either all-new or completely redesigned


For decades, Fenwick was respected worldwide as rods that consistently out-punched their price points, and that went for Fenwick’s widely-accessible rods for beginners all the way up to its highest-end stuff. For a while there, it seemed like Fenwick was flying under the radar without changing much, but in recent years, an all-new product development team completely revamped all Fenwick rod lines. As a result, Fenwick is back in the forefront delivering sticks for every level of angler, and they all rank high in the bang-for-your-buck department.

Fenwick World Class – The best of the best


Now with a renewed commitment to enhancing their rods, the Fenwick family reintroduces the Fenwick World Class series, a collection of technique-specific rods that are the lightest and most sensitive Fenwick rods ever made. With 62 new rod actions – there is a Fenwick World Class rod made for every serious angler for any species.

“The craftsmanship and attention to detail in this rod are as high a standard as exists in the market. We selected the materials and designs that funneled to one singular goal – to make the most sensitive, lightweight, and thoughtful fishing rod possible,” said Justin Poe, Rod Director for Pure Fishing. “From the transparent paint and minimalist design that eliminated weight to the rod, to the handle and reel seat materials that not only added sensitivity but mimicked the natural form of the human hand to maximize the optimal fishing techniques.”


THE FENWICK ELITE series was completely revamped from top to bottom, and the power and sensitivity of these rods are tough to beat.

Fenwick Elite – multi-species, all tactics

            Fenwick rod designers rebuilt this entire line from top to bottom, and a wide range of technical upgrades resulted in unbelievably sensitive and powerful rods sporting ergonomic reel seats that lend to both factors as well as all-day comfort. Other features this tournament-ready line include: a 36/30 ton graphite blend with proprietary reinforcing resin, tailored foregrips with reduced length and added taper allowing forward finger placement and better feel, multi-material split- and full-length grips for the best blend of feel, balance and durability, a contoured rod butt with increased radii providing comfort when resting against an angler’s body, titanium guide frames with super thin zirconia inserts, and Fenwick designed reel seats that fit the crux of an angler’s hand for a custom natural feel and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


POWERLUX 100 BLANKS – the HMG series by Fenwick boasts
stronger, lighter, and more sensitive rod blanks.

Fenwick HMG – revamped legends

            This is a line of rods that should ring a bell, and it currently boasts 41 casting and 37 spinning options ranging from about $140-160. Anglers will be hard pressed to find a rod this well built with titanium guides and similar performance measurables at that price. The first all-graphite rod to ever hit the market was a Fenwick HMG in 1973, and the modern versions absolutely take from and build on that reputation. According to Fenwick, “We never rested on our accolades. That would compromise the reputation of HMG which we worked so hard to earn. Our goal is to impress you all over again.”


PREMIUM CORK GRIPS – Fenwick’s entire catalog features cork
handles which has become harder to find in the sub-$100 price point.

Fenwick Eagle – overachieving for decades

            Go ahead and try to find a better rod for around 100 bucks. Most anglers have come in contact with Fenwick Eagle rods at some point, and many of those had little reason to look elsewhere. The latest generation of Fenwick Eagles includes 56 models between spinning and casting to work with at a price that allows anglers to cover a ton of bases in a single rod series. Western Outdoor News staffers checked them out at the 2023 ICAST Show in Orlando and were as blown away by how much Fenwick Eagle’s feel like much pricier sticks as they were by Fenwick’s newest higher end stuff.                                                                                                               The Fenwick brand has long been trusted by anglers of all kinds who valued the the name for its unrivaled legacy of ultimate sensitivity, in-hand feel and craftsmanship. Each series of new rods, World Class, Elite, HMG and Eagle, are a collection of incredibly well-crafted, technique-specific rods that anglers will love with a combination of top-notch performance at a variety of price points.

For more information and to see the specifics of each rod series, visit FenwickFishing.com.