Eastern Sierra Fish Report

ON THE ROCKS-Casey Cosgrove from Escondido pulled in some nice browns at Pleasant Valley Reservoir using a rainbow trout pattern Thomas Buoyant. Don’t expect to be warm for a while as winter temperatures are often near freezing in the morning on the Lower Owens.

Updated February 1, 2023

BRIDGEPORT AREA WATERS— No reports. Temperatures have been sub-zero.

HOT CREEK— Highway closures and deep snow have kept anglers out of Hot Creek, with more snow predicted over the next week, don’t expect access to improve here.

UPPER OWENS, PLEASANT VALLEY RESERVOIR—If you have a snowmobile, you may be able to dash out between storms to work the Upper Owens. There are some big migratory rainbows lurking, but they are spread out and spooky.

Pleasant Valley Reservoir has been good for small browns on lures such as rainbow trout pattern Thomas Buoyants.


LOWER OWENS RIVER— Flows have returned to good levels, but the bite has been slow. Look for conditions to improve if there is a break of a week or more in the weather.


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