Klamath Boats set the standard for rugged, customizable fishing platforms

THE KLAMATH GRAND RAFFLE PRIZE being claimed at the 2023 WON Lake Havasu Striper Derby. The Klamath 16 EXW boat paired with a Suzuki 40hp outboard valued at $26,000 will be back as the top raffle prize at the 2024 event.

Two Klamath boats up for grabs as raffle prizes at WON events in 2024


Klamath boats have stood as the centerpiece of two of the longest-running events on the Western Outdoor News calendar: Lake Havasu Striper Derby (May 4-5) and Big Bear Troutfest (October 7-8). Both are awarded as Grand Raffle prizes, as in, everyone has an equal shot at them regardless of how well the do in the derbies. Winners love them for their versatility and how they are a “blank canvas” waiting to be customized for the specific needs of the owner. But the reasons behind the longstanding nature of WON’s partnership with Klamath runs a lot deeper than that alone.

With over 70 years of boat-building experience, and rigorous quality standards, Klamath provides the best-built, toughest, and highest-value boats in the market. Klamath boats are built to withstand the demands of serious sportsmen.  Almost every day they receive feedback from customers telling them how much success they have had with their Klamath boat and thanking them for our dedication to building the highest quality hulls.

A STRIPER DERBY PRIZE BOAT back the next year to compete in the event. WON PHOTO BY MIKE STEVENS

Klamath’s extensive experience, combined with modern manufacturing technology and continuous improvement, provide a unique blend of classic design and present-day technological advancement. Klamath boats are welded from the highest-grade marine alloys.  Welded construction means that there are no rivets to work loose and leak.

Careful material selection and thorough engineering in all aspects of the design and fabrication ensure that selecting a Klamath is buying a boat that will last for generations. The extruded double wall chine developed by Klamath provides the driest riding, quickest planing, hulls available for today’s sportsmen

The Striper Derby prize boat will be the Klamath 16 EXW, which is what it’s always been for that event due to its incredible versatility and wide-open platform for customization. That rig will be matched with an efficient 40hp Suzuki outboard, and the the whole package including the trailer carries a retail value of over $26,000. For Big Bear Troutfest, it will be the 15-foot Klamath Advantage with a tiller-controlled 20hp Suzuki outboard. Past winners of that rig enjoyed the free reign offered by that Klamath as far as how easy it was to accessorize and “make it their own.”

THE BIG BEAR TROUTFEST grand raffle prize boat and motor went to James Toy in 2023.