Long range report: Fleet slams big bluefin and quality yellows


Good mixed-bag bite continues on the Ridge and Rocks


SAN DIEGO — Despite a reputation as a capricious target that seldom lends itself to consistency, the local bluefin tuna have been on a remarkable bite that has shown some signs of durability. The long range fleet produced excellent catches this week to go with good quality kelp yellowtail. The longer trips have enjoyed terrific mixed bag fishing down below for big yellowtail, school tuna, pargo, grouper, dorado and a sample of wahoo.

Intrepid ends strong

The Intrepid was on a series of 3-day trips targeting the terrific local bluefin fishing. Capt. Bill Cavanaugh was at the wheel of the big sportfisher and sent this report, “Yesterday was a really good day for us. We experienced very steady action on mostly 30-pound bluefin tuna all morning with a few stand outs up to 65 pounds. In the afternoon we had a few shots at some trophies with the largest one around 140 pounds. We ended up catching our daily limits. Everyone is stoked. What an incredible day.”


Upon throwing the ropes, the skipper wrapped the trip up this way, “We arrived back at Point Loma Sportfishing this morning at 0530 with an excellent catch of bluefin. Yesterday was one of those days that lined up perfectly for us. We located a spot of school-sized bluefin early in the morning that stayed with the boat and we had a nice long drift with 1 to 4 going all the time. In the afternoon we looked for bigger fish and found a nice school of mixed grade bluefin from 80 to over 200 pounds. We picked up 2 fish around 80 pounds, 2 fish in the 120-pound class, and one cow that was in the high 200-pound class. A perfect ending to a great trip. Thirteen anglers, great food, great fishing, and great company combined for an epic trip. Thank you to Larry Brown.”

The report finished, “Our jackpot winners are as follows: third and second place tied with two bluefin that were both 127.9-pounds and went to Mark Liebrecht and Bob Gurbuz. First place jackpot goes to Allen Simpson with a 284.4-pound bluefin.”


Indy and Tahoe

The Independence was on the annual Tahoe Tuna Club Trip and was prowling the bluefin tuna grounds. Capt. Matt Kaullen was in the wheelhouse and filed this report, “Another great day of fishing for us today. We started off catching our limit of yellowtail and in the afternoon we went looking for big bluefin. Pretty amazing show and sign of fish from 50- to 250- pounds. We had our hands full for a bit and landed some real beauties. Weather is up and we still have one more day of fishing.”

The final day did not disappoint, “What a way to end a trip with giant bluefin tuna. We hoped for good enough weather to work with and we were definitely rewarded today. Though it was still choppy it wasn’t as bad as advertised and we took advantage. We scored on fish from 120 to 200 pounds and got quite the show on the kite. We are headed in with a great catch and a great group. Thanks again Tahoe Tuna Club.”

Excel 8-Day

The Big X was on an 8-day that began at Alijos Rocks. The pattern on these longer trips has been to bee-line down to the Rocks or Ridge for trophy yellowtail fishing and a shot at some wahoo, then work up to the local zone for offshore bluefin fishing. The big sportfisher filed this report, “We are out on our annual Sogioka/Stires 8-Day Trip with an excellent group of anglers. Since we finally had a little break in the weather, we decided to start out at the Stones where we have had unreal fishing on giant yellowtail. Everything we’ve caught has been 25 to 40 pounds with several pushing 50 pounds. Everyone now has sore arms and lots of yellowtail to take home. What a great way to start the trip.”


Star and Abbott

The Royal Star was on the annual Abbott 7-Day and was in the thick of the foaming bluefin schools. Capt. Randy Toussaint was at the helm of the sportfisher and filed this report, “Limits of bluefin for the day with 14 from 80 to 170 pounds with the rest running 30 to 40 pounds. We will be giving this one more day before finishing up the trip on the inside Friday.”

The trip ended well with a shot at some cow size fish. “Numerous opportunities today on 100-pound plus bluefin. Incredible sign of fish all day with 150 plus pounders boiling feet from the boat at times. We ended up with 22 from 80 to 170 with two over 200. We will be fishing inshore here tomorrow before calling it a trip.”


Supreme pargo action

The Polaris Supreme was down on the Ridge experiencing something unique to long rangers, a pargo spawn. It is a scene where the bank is red with dense schools of the fish. The boat described it this way, “Today we had another awesome day of fishing. A huge variety of species including yellowtail, grouper, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, pargo, and dorado. The pargo we caught were off a school that was breezing on the surface. An incredible sight that was amazing to see. The patch of water was literally red with fish.”

Rooster 5-day

The Red Rooster returned from Seaguar / Catchy Tackle / Hayabusa / Nomad Tackle 5 Day Trip with an excellent catch of bluefin and yellowtail. The boat sent this brief message, “Excellent fishing for quality bluefin tuna and a good grade of kelp paddy yellowtail. Good shot at cow bluefin everyday.”