Long Range Report: Offshore winds hamper fleet



Long rangers make good catches despite weather

SAN DIEGO- Rough offshore conditions put the fleet in scratch mode causing some cancellations and schedule shuffling. The boats that did make it offshore reported some good days on the trophy fish to 224 pounds and other days of good fishing on schoolies ranging from 40 to 70 pounds. Some of the better bites continue to be at night. Daytime kelp-paddy yellowtail fill out the catch. The volume of fish continues to be impressive boding well for future trips.

Angler on bluefin


The American Angler has been executing a series of shorter trips ranging from 1.5 to 3 days. The trips put the big sportfisher in the middle of the fray on a daily basis. The boat has taken advantage of the opportunity literally following the schools around from day to day. Offshore winds made conditions challenging. The boat, under the guidance of Capt. Brian Kiyohara, sent this report after a trip, short on numbers but high on quality, “We had very good opportunity in the early morning dark that we were able to capitalize on. Throughout the day we saw plenty of fish which gives us continued hope for the future. We boated 6 quality fish rnging from 120 to 224 pounds. Currently, we are trying to get back on the meat.”


Another trip and more quality over quantity, “We managed 7 beautiful bluefin tuna ranging from 80 to 224 pounds and 25 kelp-paddy yellowtail in adverse conditions. Back at it tonight and weather forecast looks much more favorable.”

Intrepid on bluefin

            The Intrepid was also out on the grounds fishing a 1.5-day trip targeting local bluefin. Capt. Bill Cavanaugh was at the wheel of the big sportfisher and sent this report in less tan ideal weather, “We returned home this morning from a 1.5 day with 30 bluefin that were mostly 40 to 70 pounds. The jackpot fish was landed by Ray Streeter and went 124.8 pounds. We are out an another 1.5-day trip today.”

Supreme fishing

The Polaris Supreme, under the tutelage of Capt. Aliyar is another boat that has spent a lot of time on the bluefin grounds. The young skipper and owner sent this message after a solid day offshore, “We are on a 1.5 day and have had very good fishing. This morning we had a good bite from 1:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. We had limit fishing on bluefin tuna ranging from 40 to 60 pounds. We are now over at San Clemente Islands taking a break from the weather and trying to catch some yellowtail.”

Star offshore

The Royal Star was offshore on the bluefin grounds on the first day of a Larry Brown sponsored 3-day trip skippered by Capt. Randy Toussaint The boat found a school of quality bluefin that wanted to bite, “Excellent Flat-Fall fishing last night on 30- to 60- pound bluefin to get our Larry Brown 3-Day off to a good start. We spent today working down prospecting for bigger bluefin and yellowtail holding kelps. We were able to find one nice school of 80 to 100 pounders late that put on a show but didn’t cooperate in the biting department. We will be targeting this bigger fish tomorrow.”

The next day, more good fishing, We finished up our limits on bluefin yesterday with a morning plunker on 50-pound fish. In the afternoon we got on a school of 100-plus- pound that put on a nice show for a few hours and provided plenty of opportunities. Chartermaster Larry Brown is in today’s shot with a 130. We will be laying in this weekend waiting out the weather with the rest of the fleet.”

Searcher returns

The Searcher returned from a 2.5-day trip with near limits of bluefin tuna. Al three jackpot winners went over 100 pounds. The boat sent this report, “The Searcher just returnred from a day and a half trip. Congratulations to jackpot winners, 1st place, Albert J. with a 121-pound bluefin tuna,2nd place, Phillip C. with a 113-pound bluefin tuna and 3rd place, Genaro Z. with a 109-pound bluefin tuna.”

The report continued, “We relocated the fish we were on yesterday and stopped on very large school this morning, We were able to plunk up almost what we needed to get our limit. Still a very good sign this morning and all the fish but one, came on the fly-lined baits. They were 25 to 70 pounds. We’re going to give this a break for a few hours and do some scouting and come back to it in the evening.”