Mono County trout waters open for fishing


BRIDGEPORT – Less than 48 hours after the Mono County Board of Supervisors voted to ask the DFW to open county waters to fishing, anglers were given the green light to fish on May 23. While Inyo opening to fishing could happen prior to the existing, working date of June 1, it is not open now, so anyone heading up there to chase trout needs to be sure what county they’re standing in before they make a cast.

Crowley Lake was not part of this “early” opening even though it does sit in Mono County. Official word from Crowley Lake Fish Camp Management was as follows:

Crowley Lake Fish Camp, The North Landing and Leighton Springs will remain closed. We will be open on May 30 and let you know if we are able to open sooner. This is a large facility with a few complicated factors and can not open with 24 hours notice, or until DWP has a quagga mussel inspection process approved.”

That’s the deal for boaters, but according to the DWP, Crowley is open for shore fishing.


That vote from Mono County was not unanimous, but it was enough to push this season’s opener up a little over a week. District 5 Supervisor Stacy Corless told Western Outdoor News she voted against opening earlier because she wanted to “line up with Inyo County” so the entire Eastern Sierra would open simultaneously.

While fishing is open, most lodging and camping options are not with short-term rentals shut down through the month of June and all public (USFS and BLM) campgrounds closed until the counties enter Phase 3 of the state’s COVID-19 recovery plan.