SoCal sportboat fleet getting back to business


The Stardust and Coral Sea lead off

SANTA BARBARA — On Saturday, the Stardust and Coral Sea resumed business with a couple of 3/4-day trips, the first sportboats in the SoCal bight to do so.

“We did it, our first day back at it is in the books,” the landing reported. “Our hope is all landings up and down the coast will be reopening soon. Our anglers practiced social distancing and kept the boat the boat clean today. We went up the coast and filled the bags, good red fishing today.

Twenty-six anglers caught 260 rockfish, 1 lingcod and 2 rock sole.


It was a long time coming for Stardust Sportfishing owner Capt. Jason Diamond, who had prepped dutifully for the day. “Our fleet is resilient, made up of a lot of good hard-working people and always has been,” he said. “We get down and dirty and do what we have to do.”

In this case, that includes prepping the boat for the new COVID-19 era. The crew will be wearing masks and gloves, and the anglers will be asked to wear masks too. Hungry for a burger? The crew — maybe Capt. Diamond himself — will walk it out to you.

The crew will clean the head more often, but that’s really no different than normal. Diamond and his staff keep the Stardust Sportfishing boats spic and span.

WON had a representative on the first boat out, so expect a full report on the fishing and the new health safety procedures to follow.

Also on Saturday, Orange County’s Dana Wharf Landing reported their health safety plans had been approved, clearing the way for trips to resume Monday, May 25.