Storm ushers in cooperative cutthroat at Pyramid Lake, Nevada

DUKE, MEET MR. CUTTHROAT – Awesome fishing dog Duke get acquainted with angler Nate Drew’s great Pyramid catch. Drew hails from Salt Lake City. Net man Chris Van Tassel of Trinity, Calif. with the assist. PHOTO COURTESY PYRAMID FLY CO.

SUTCLIFFE, Nevada – Fishing for trophy Lahontan cutthroat trout at Nevada’s Pyramid Lake has been very good since the delayed start of the season. A nearly 8-month lake closure will do that. And last weekend, the catching ratcheted up another notch as stormy weather emboldened the fish.

Robert Hagerty of Pyramid Fly Co. weighed in with his weekly Sunday report, saying the fish were quite cooperative for he and his fly casters. “We used midnight cowboy wooly worms and popcorn beetles this morning for a nice catch of fish between 6 and 14 pounds. This past week, anglers were having success fishing beaches and main lake shoreline areas that have deep water access for some impressive catches. The fish are ranging from 3 to 18 pounds. When you hook up you just never know what you hooked. Get ready for a ride when it’s a good one. These fish are pulling hard, just like a fresh run steelhead.

“You think you have a monster and it ends up being only 6 pounds. Yeah, I said only. The fishing has been really fun out here and it’s definitely spoiling those who put in the time and effort. Just like fishing any body of water, time on the water and knowledge really helps.”

And then there’s beginner’s luck, or maybe the catching really was that good. Hagerty said during one of his guide trips last week, a gentleman who stated he never fished the lake before walked to the shoreline. He whipped out a spoon on an old medium spinning rod and landed a 15 plus pounder. “It sure was fun watching the excitement in his face during the battle,” Hagerty added. “That’s the awesome part about Pyramid, you just never know what you’re going to catch.”


Flyfishing, jig fishing, and trolling all produced last week. Hagerty listed the top offerings as midnight cowboy balanced leeches, olive balanced leeches, and tiger midges in size 8 to 10, all fished under an indicator. Black or white marabou jigs in 1/4- to 3/8-ounce have also been pulling fish, as have been cracked bleeding frog spoons and Flatfish.

Water temps have dropped to 47-48 degrees at 6 feet depending upon where you are at on the lake. Hagerty added the biggest fish checked in at Pyramid Lake Lodge in the past week weighed in at 17 pounds and 32 inches, and was caught by angler Craig Woodsay, who did not disclose the lure or location.

THE SMILE says it all. Angler Wes Hornich of Sparks, Nevada used a balanced leech at Popcorn Beach to fool this Pyramid Lake cutthroat. He was guided by Pyramid Fly Company’s Trevor Herring.