Fishing – The story behind Somethings Fishy

SOMETHINGS FISHY - Leave the smell on the water and don't bring it home!

By Brandon Kuhn

The way I came up with “Something’s Fishy” was really just to problem solve for my desire to eat a good boat burger and that actually tasted like a burger and not an anchovy, sardine, or squid, as well as wanting to leave the harbor without that stink on my hands.

During Covid, I had to shut down my travel agency, and I found an old rod in my dad’s garage. I wanted to clear my head and shake off that depression from having to shut down my business, and I couldn’t pick up that rod fast enough and check out my old fishing spot in Dana Point.

I started doing 1/2- and 3/4-day trips on the Sum Fun and Clemente, then it was full day and overnight trips on the Fury and 1.5- and 2-day trips out of San Diego. There was barely anyone on the boats so I had so much room to fish and improve, but that stink was almost unbearable.


One day when I was trimming some sculpin fillets, I tossed some trimmings in the disposal and turned it on without thinking. Wow!, it was horrible. It made my whole kitchen stink like fish and then I heard my grandmother’s voice in my head say “Throw a little orange or lemon peel down the disposal and turn it on, it works for anything!”

That worked like a charm, so naturally I was bringing lemons on the boat and destroying them after fishing or before I ate, and I was fish-stink free. However, the acids from the lemon were eating my skin and the hook and line cuts woke me up for sure. I also needed to bring water to wash the lemon chunks off my hands, and least a few people each time i went out said “that’s a great idea!” but it was getting to be too much to have to do every time.

This led me to come up with a patent pending recipe that is all natural, a natural anti-microbial and antiseptic spray that is alcohol-free and even will moisturize your skin. All you do is spray it on and rub it dry!

Being on the ocean is one of the things that grounds me. I used to be a professional dive instructor in Thailand and Philippines but due to a dive injury I incurred out there, I haven’t had that comfort of the sea like I used to. “Something’s Fishy” has put wind back in my sails and as more people have get their hands on some, the more I hear that it really works on anything from spraying clothes in the wash, to using it in the bathroom. It gets rid of onions, peppers and garlic and even smoke.

It works on diesel, oils and greases as well as the cat box. Hunters, butchers, chefs, restaurant industry workers and farm hands love it, too! Even those plumbers and construction guys like it! That trash you forgot to take out yesterday, no prob. Even works in your your vehicles.

I personally have been using it as a hand sanitizer. It is truly a miracle spray I found out. Therefore I named my company Miracle Mist Inc. And created the EXTREME multi-purpose deodorizing spray called “Something’s Fishy.” It comes in two scents: Citrus and Tropical.

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SOMETHINGS FISHY – Leave the smell on the water and don’t bring it home!