Suzuki Repower Report for August 19, 2020

It’s all smiles as proud owner Bryce Wetton (left) poses with Maurer Marine’s Garrett Maurer.

This is WON’s Repower Report, brought to you by Suzuki Marine. This feature showcase one of many repower projects performed by Suzuki’s professional dealers and mechanics in Southern California. Each new report will feature product specifications on different Suzuki engines for all types of boats, as well as the story behind the project about the anglers and their boats.

In this edition we talk to Bryce Wetton.

What’s the make and model of your boat and how long have you owned it?

It’s a Key West 1720 Sportsman that I’ve owned for almost year. This is their most popular model and a great little skiff. There’s no wood used in the construction of the boat and it’s foam filled and unsinkable. I got a great deal on it and it came with a nice T-top. It’s super seaworthy and easy to trailer and store.


How do you use the boat – Fishing, Diving, etc..?

I normally take the boat out three times a week. We use the boat mainly for inshore fishing and harbor cruises. I’ll also go lobster hooping of Newport or Salt Creek.

My wife is a bookkeeper for a restaurant on the water in Newport Harbor. I usually grab a drink and dinner, launch the boat and pick her up from the dock when she gets off work.

What was your most memorable trip on the boat?

Probably having an ongoing little weekly fishing tournament with my wife. We only use 6-pound spinning setups and fish artificial Hookup baits. Being able to spend quality time with my wife and see who can catch more spotties and sandies is a blast. In case anyone is wondering, she’s in the lead!

How did you decide to repower with a new Suzuki?

I had a 1999 Suzuki 70 and loved it. It was a nice motor – very quiet and fuel efficient but it was getting a little tired so repowering with another Suzuki was an easy decision.

Any other major projects or upgrades on the horizon for your baby?

Quite a few actually. I plan on installing a trolling motor and adding a second battery for a 24-volt system. I also want to paint the hull a slate gray color below the rub rail and install trim tabs. Next winter I also plan on installing a new aerator pump and new steering.