Tackle Box: AFTCO knocks it out of the park with new deck boots

AFTCO came out swingin' when it jumped into the deck boot game.


SANTA ANA— Deck boots are a common sight on the West Coast sportfishing scene, but they’re admittedly more deeply rooted in commercial fishing. For a long time, everyone seemed to wear the same deck boots, but when some changes occurred that rubbed those who wore them the most the wrong way, it seemed like more boots from different companies started coming out of the woodworks with legit competition for deck boot hierarchy.

Considering its position on the fishing apparel totem pole (top of the top), it was surprising to see them dive into the boot game later than all the other companies cranking them out. At the same time, it was not surprising at all that AFTCO wasn’t going to put something on the market until it was perfect, and that was absolutely the case with AFTCO’s Ankle Deck Fishing Boots.


A 2022 ICAST Best of Category winner, AFTCO Deck Fishing Boots. The rubber upper is 100 percent waterproof, and a neoprene lining keeps things comfortable and quick to dry. High-density chock absorbing insoles add even more comfort (the most comfortable on the market from what WON has tested) and allow anglers to put in long hours on deck.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the pull straps paired with the fact AFTCO’s Deck Fishing Boots aren’t as tall as most of the competition (most of us ended up folding down the tall ones anyway!)  because they are very easy to put on. On overnight or multi-day trips when an angler might go from fast asleep in the bunk to bolting topside to get a bait in the water in a moment’s notice, spending even a minute or two just putting boots on can make the difference between hooking up and missing the opportunity.

Orbiting the lower portion of the upper is a second layer of material which puts more protection on high-wear areas, that and a “rear kick wedge” round out the durability elements of the AFTCO boot that ensures long-lasting toughness, and that’s rare in a boot this comfortable.

Hex-Grip outsoles on AFTCO’S Ankle Deck Fishing Boots.

AFTCO’s Hex Grip Non-Marking outsoles channel water away from the boots with each step which results in the ultimate level of traction on even the wettest decks. A Rear Kick Wedge makes it easy to “kick” these boots off as well offer even more protection to another high-wear area, and to me it seems like they add stability.

AFTCO Fishing Deck Fishing Boots are also very popular for certain freshwater fishing scenarios, and WON also heard multiple owners of these boots say they wear them for yardwork or whenever it rains. They are available in four colors (Green Acid Camo, Naval, Harbor Gray and Black. Anglers are also very impressed with the price point on these boots compared to that of the competition.

For more info on AFTCO Fishing Deck Boots and to see everything AFTCO has to offer, visit AFTCO.com