Tanner Bank explodes with bluefin

TANNER TIME – A Tanner Bank bluefin for a Ranger 85 angler, mostly a sportboat bite.


SAN DIEGO — Tanner Bank bluefin exploded out west as a southern course resulted in limits of dorado and lots of yellowtail. Generally speaking it was flat limits of bluefin tuna for every boat in the Tanner fleet over the weekend.

For the most part, it appeared it was all anchor fishing with small hooks, no. 2s and 4s on 25- or 30-pound fluorocarbon leaders fishing fly-lined live sardines, according to H&M Landing’s Heather Ferarri

Just as ashore, the weather offshore was warm and muggy.


Aboard the Searcher with the Izorline-Turners sponsored ladies-only 3-day, Izorline’s Wendy Tochihara texted Sunday about noon. They had full limits of bluefin tuna for all anglers for all 3 days and were motoring in toward San Clemente Island to try for yellowtail, bass and whatever else.

A portion of the fleet fished the southern sector and it appeared every angler on every boat caught a 2-fish limit of dorado, and some also found epic yellowtail fishing too. The Ocean Odyssey called in 145 yellows on top of limits of dorado on 1.5-day. This was the third time in the week they’d connected with limits of both species.

Both the Excalibur and Sea Adventure 80 posted similar limits of both yellowtail and dorado for all anglers.


Then there were those 2-day and longer trips that managed to hit up both bites for fantastic results, limit fishing all the way. Sunday the Ranger 85 returned to the dock with limits of dorado, 109 bluefin, 10 yellowtail and a yellowfin tuna too.

While it took at least a 1.5-day to fish the epic bluefin bite, the dorado and yellows were within range of the full-day fleet. The Malihini scored limits of dorado on such a trip Sunday – 56 flatheads for 28 fishers.

In addition to the 30- to 40-pound class fish out on the banks, just inshore there were a few larger models lurking and the Condor finished up by taking a shot at them, ending up with fish to 80 pounds. The Outrider limited with 9 anglers and it included fish to 175 pounds.

At the Coronado Islands it appeared yellows were back on the move as the Liberty clocked in with 76 of the fork-tails, 30 barracuda, 4 dorado and 15 calico bass on an island full-day trip with 40 anglers aboard.

As for the local 1/2-day bite, the calico snap was definitely back on and for the fleet out of the San Diego area, there were up to triple digit boat counts of keepers. The New Seaforth put on 100 plus a pair of local yellowtail for 37 anglers aboard Saturday afternoon. Thursday afternoon they had 140 bass, following a morning run with 120.

Farther up the coast out of Oceanside the bass bite was also hot, however the number of fish over the legal limit of 14 inches was few. Friday the Chubasco II put back 150, keeping 41.

Anglers on 3/4-day trips tackled the deeper water rockfish for take-home fish.

Meanwhile, with a very slightly shorter run to the Tanner Bank, the Oceanside 95 was on the game fish, pulling full limits of bluefin for 30 passengers plus crew Saturday. They turned in 74 bluefin up to 80 pounds on a 1.5-day.

The trip prior took them to the dorado and yellowtail zone where they scored full limits of dorado and 59 yellowtail for 22 anglers.

This week the boats tend to have open spots available to last-minute anglers, a big change since they were first allowed to open up.