WON Big Fish Challenge Week 5: three new leaders kick off the second half


It’s a 10-week event, so there’s still plenty of time to sign-up HERE!

SAN CLEMENTE – After a relatively quiet Week 4 of the WON Big Fish Challenge, anglers participating in the 2020 installment of the event came back with a vengeance Week 5 and got the second half off to a proper start. New overall leaders found themselves at the top of three of the six species categories, and a young angler became a great example of why all qualifying fish should be weighed in.

Multiple BFC Grand Prize winner (all in the tuna category) Neil Barbour didn’t submit a fish until Week 5, but the 251.8-pound bluefin he caught aboard Easy Access shot him straight to the top of the category. Cori Husband was the leader as of Week 4 with a 128.1 pounder.

NEIL BARBOUR HAS MULTIPLE BFC Grand Prize finishes under his belt, and he just took the lead in the tuna category with this 251.8 pounder

Another great story that has emerged in this summer’s BFC came out of the white seabass category. James Choi took the lead there with a 46.6-pound tanker he caught back in Week 3 only to beat his own biggie with a monster 51.8-pound seabass in Week 5. If that isn’t impressive enough, consider this: Choi is doing it from a kayak.

Adam Cox took the lead in the barracuda/bonito category with a 5.42-pound ‘cuda that just edged out the leader by a fraction of a pound, and he’s also the current leader for halibut with a 35-pound flattie he bagged in Week 3. That means he’s currently in line to receive two of the huge grand prize packages should he finish on top. But, there’s still a few weeks to go, and anglers signing up late in the past have absolutely swung in last minute and won it all.

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Also weighing in a fish in Week 5 was Jonny Anderson Jr. who started the week with a 12.35-pound yellowtail that remained the biggest for a species in a given week, so he will receive a weekly prize package. All anglers mentioned above will also get a Weekly prize for their submissions.

When the BFC comes to an end after Week 10, the angler that caught the biggest fish in each category will receive a grand prize package. Competitors can fish from sportboats, kayaks, private boats, pretty much anything. Entry is simple and inexpensive: $10 per species or $40 gets you “all in” for every category, then you just fish when you want. In years past, a lot of grand prize winners signed up in the final weeks, so if you’re fishing at all for the rest of the summer (of course you are), entering even now is still a no brainer!

For more information including prize lists, leaderboards, rules and registration, find the WON Big Fish Challenge at WONews.com under the EVENTS tab.


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