WON Big Fish Challenge Leaderboard

THERE HE IS - Neil Barbour took the lead in the tuna category with a 220.2-pound bluefin in Week 9.

Updated September 8, 2021

Yellowtail: Montre Somsukcharean, 42.1, private (Week 9)

White seabass: Scott Sawa, 44.54 pounds, kayak (Week 1)

Halibut: Neil Barbour, 42.8 pounds, Easy Access (Week 6)


Tuna: Neil Barbour, 220.2 pound bluefin, Easy Access (Week 9)

Bonito/Barracuda: Valerie Handzus, 9.0 pound (bonito) Voyager (Week 6).

Lingcod: Daniel Salvay, 18.4 pounds, Profishent, (Week 9).

Anglers can sign up at any time for $10 per species (or $40 “all in”) during the 10-week event HERE. 

THE TOP LINGCOD has changed in 3 consecutive weeks, and the current leader is now this 18.4 caught by Danny Salvay.
MONTRE SOMSUKCHAREAN took the overall yellowtail lead with this 42.1 pounder bagged in Week 9.
SCOTT SAWA got off to a hot start to the 2021 WON Big Fish Challenge with this 44.54-pound white seabass he caught from his kayak in Week 1.
THIS 42.8-pound halibut became the new leader in Week 6.
THERE FINALLY is a leader in the Bonito/Barracuda category, and it’s a good one. Valerie Handzus (who also turned in a 23.7-pound yellowtail for a weekly prize) set the high mark with this 9-pound bone.