WON Big Fish Challenge Leaderboard

DEAN MANLEY'S 191-pound bluefin leads the tuna category after Week 2.

Updated July 29, 2021

Yellowtail: Corey Scott, 37.13, Purist (Week 4)

White seabass: Scott Sawa, 44.54 pounds, kayak (Week 1)

Halibut: Tyler Grossi, 30.90 pounds, Josie Whales (Week 3)


Tuna: Dean Manley, 191 pound bluefin, No Limits (Week 2)

Bonito/Barracuda: Vacant

Lingcod: Vacant

Anglers can sign up at any time for $10 per species (or $40 “all in”) during the 10-week event HERE

SCOTT SAWA got off to a hot start to the 2021 WON Big Fish Challenge with this 44.54-pound white seabass he caught from his kayak in Week 1.
THERE IS A NEW HALIBUT LEADER as of Week 3, this 30.91 pounder stuck by BFC veteran Tyler Grossi.


COREY SCOTT took the lead in the yellowtail category with this 37.13-pound tanker.