WON debuts refreshed look for 71st year in print


Starting with the January 5th, 2024 issue, readers might have noticed a refreshed look for Western Outdoor News as we enter our 71st year in print.

Many debates have unfolded over the years about the content featured on our covers, but to adjust, readers can walk through the past iterations of our cover designs shown below.


The 1950s featured a patriotic eagle brandishing a gun and rod combo…



The 1960s featured our first green, stacked “Western Outdoor News”…


…which expanded in the 1970s to stretch wall-to-wall.


The 1980s introduced more colorful covers and debuted the well-known green and yellow combination that many of our readers know to this day…


The covers of the 1990s era laid the groundwork for the cover design that would evolve into the 2000s and 2010s.

The cover evolved into a more minimalist design into the 2010s and 2020s…

We are excited to unveil our next chapter with a sleek, modern design that gives the cover photo the spotlight it deserves. While the covers of WON have seen many iterations, one thing remains constant, that Western Outdoor News and all of our staff are dedicated to spotlighting the latest newsworthy photos and informing western hunters and anglers for many years to come. Thoughts on the new look? We want to hear them, E-mail Editors@wonews.com with your opinions!

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