Sea Falcon introduces Z-Slide Jig


This newest addition to the ever-growing array of Sea Falcon® Z jigs, the Z-Slide offers enticing zig-zag action for a variety of techniques and target species.

Depending on depth, current, and conditions the Z-Slide can be effectively fished as either a slow pitch or a high-speed jig. It’s center-balanced for a wide sliding action and a horizontal fall that mimics the frantic appearance of a fleeing or wounded baitfish. Then, the asymmetric design creates a short “Z” action response to short upward jerks of the rod and a wide upward sweeping action with a long jerk. This versatility allows anglers to target a broader range of species from bottom dwellers like snapper and grouper to mid-water pelagics like tuna.

Z-Slide jigs are made with premium components and a hand-painted finish and available in a range of enticing color designs, including Blue Pink, Green Gold, Neon Silver, Pink Zebra Stripe Glowing, Pink Sardine, Red, Red Gold Zebra Stripe Glowing, Sardine, Silver Plain Holo, Silver Water Wave Holo and Silver Zebra Stripe Glowing.

Like every Sea Falcon lure, the Z-Slow Deep Neo is based on a hand-carved original created by CEO and Chief Designer Tetsuya Itou, one of Japan’s foremost lure designers. Based in Hamamatsu, Japan, they operate under the ‘Total Package’ concept, combining all processes from planning and development to manufacturing under one roof, and under extremely meticulous and demanding standards to ensure your lures will attract the pickiest eaters and stand up to repeated bites from the biggest ones.


To ensure you can fine-tune your presentation to get the best performance from your jigs, Sea Falcon® has developed a specification chart for each jig indicating the correct fall speed, weight balance, pause time, current, pulling resistance and slide width, and maps them out on an easy to understand chart on their website.

Gamakatsu hooks are specifically designed to complement Sea Falcon lures and plugs. Gamakatsu hooks are made with the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, equally raising the performance of any Sea Falcon lure.


Z-Slide Features:

  • Slow and High Pitch
  • Slow Current
  • Wide Sliding Action
  • Center Balance Horizontal Fall


Target Species:

  • Grouper
  • Snapper
  • Tuna
  • Amberjack