Berkley ProSpec a new premium mono option for salt anglers


Fishing tackle giant’s new label also has braid covered

POINT LOMA — Since its humble beginnings in Spirit Lake Iowa, Berkley products are now represented all across the fishing tackle spectrum, and each is the result of next-level science and engineering while remaining affordable for every level of angler. Fishing line has never been an exception from the launch of Berkley Trilene in 1959 all the way through modern forays into the super-line game, and it’s new ProSpec family of premium lines is already making a name for itself on the saltwater stage.

Berkley was among the earliest supporting sponsors of the WON California Tuna Jackpot, and participating anglers will have the opportunity to get their hands on some at the inaugural event.

Taking the needs of accomplished captains and guides (who would also field test the product for three years) into consideration, Berkley ProSpec Chrome puts high marks up across the board in categories including abrasion resistance, tensile and linear strength and knots tied with it cinch down with ease and dependability.


ProSpec Chrome packs co-polymer durability from 12- to 130-pound test, and it’s available in clear, Ocean Blue and a hi-visibility Blaze Orange. Most West Coast anglers have a lot of experience with the utilitarian workhorse, Trilene Big Game, so filling up with ProSpec Chrome premium mono would be a seamless transition.

THERE IS ALSO A BRAID product in the Berkley ProSpec family. ProSpec Premium Saltwater Braid features 8-carrier Dyneema construction and smooth, round build.

Berkley ProSpec Professional Grade brings things to an even higher level with the same development process as Chrome but in an even-better-handling, thin diameter package. It’s a supple co-polymer mono that spools up nicely, casts like a rocket and allows baits and lures to swim naturally. ProSpec Professional grade comes in Ocean Blue or Fluorescent Yellow from 12- to 130-pound test.

The ProSpec family also has representation in the braid department with Berkley ProSpec Premium Saltwater Braid. This 8-carrier Dyneema (14 to 21 percent stronger than Spectra of the same diameter) line sports huge strength-to-diameter measurables and a round, smooth construction. It comes from 30- to 200-pound test, and it’s been performing up to the performance needs of the top West Coast guides and captains.

“It cinches up really nice and makes a really strong connection, and it’s probably the best braid on the market right now,” said Captain Jimmy Decker, who also mentioned his preference of a “7 down, 11 back up RP knot” when splicing with Berkley ProSpec Braid.