Mixed grade bluefin continue and yellowfin begin to fill counts

OVER THE RAIL and in the pale aboard the Producer. Hopefully the story is just beginning on this yellowfin that’s filling in waters close to home. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE PRODUCER

SAN DIEGO/OCEANSIDE – With back and forth windy conditions, private skiffs were kept off a lot of the zones early in the week. Many managed to slip out early with sign of a surge of dorado and yellowfin in the counts. The week started out slow for many on the water in the local offshore scene out to San Clemente Island and Tanner Bank. As the week progressed, fishing would improve with counts of bluefin, yellowfin, dorado and yellowtail. The bluefin have been a true mixed grade out at Tanner from 30 to 300 pounds — fly-line on the anchor with 30- to 40-pound line or put up the kite with the heavy string.

For the fleet out of Seaforth Landing, Monday seemed to be a wash with offshore counts down, and full-day boats target-ng the ‘Nados for ground fish. But as the week progressed, fishing improved. On Tuesday the San Diego reported 39 dorado and 1 yellowtail for 27 anglers on their full-day. The Aztec called in with a 2-day count from out behind Clemente. Their 20 anglers had great fishing on the pick, landing 77 bluefin and 44 yellowtail. By Wednesday the Cortez had called in from their 2.5-day with 37 bluefin and 7 yellows. The San Diego again got on a dorado kelp for 22 and 2 yellowfin.

Thursday the Voyager’s 13 passengers landed their limit of bluefin and 5 yellowtail. The Apollo on their 2.5-day had 58 bluefin, 8 yellowtail and 1 yellowfin. By Friday the Aztec was back in from a 2.5-day with 60 2-day limits of bluefin and 49 yellows. The San Diego’s 34 anglers found the yellowfin and managed 47 for their efforts along with 28 bluefin. Sat- urday saw slower fishing while Sunday’s counts really changed the pace of things. The Pride called in limits of yellowfin (180) for their 18 passengers on an overnight, and the Aztec with 92 bluefin and 3 yellowfin on a 2.5-day. While the day boat the San Diego landed 58 yellowfin tuna and 4 dorado.

Out of Fisherman’s Landing, Monday reports remained fair with the 3/4-day boats fishing local cod and 1.5- to 2.5-day counts being a little slower on the bluefin. The Pacific Queen had 51 for their 29 anglers on 2.5 day. Tuesday the Liberty found 52 bluefin for their 26 passengers, while the Tomahawk had 14 for their 30 anglers. These lower count days seem to be the big fish days for many if these boats as they target 100- to 300-pound fish. The Fortune called in 23 bluefin for 18 anglers, with 18 over 100-pounds and 5 over 200 and one jumbo at 305.

MEXICAN LIMITS – The Grande had a nice hit on the mahi kelps south of the border. PHOTO COURTESY OF GRANDE SPORTFISHING

Friday we started to see the yellowfin counts move up into the counts, with the Pacific Dawn getting 53 yellowfin, 18 bluefin and 2 dorado. The Fortune again on the bluefin with 55 for 16 anglers on an overnight. Saturday counts slowed and talk of wind into the evening made for tough fishing for the overnight and full day crowd. Sunday the Pegasus called in from their 2.5-day, getting 64 bluefin. The Condor called in with 63 bluefin up to 228 pounds and 9 yellowfin.

From Point Loma Sportfishing, Monday’s local counts included good rockfish for the 3/4-day boat and fair for the half days. Tues- day’s full-day on the Mission Belle had 6 anglers on 40 mixed rock- fish and made a quick look offshore for 1 yellowfin and 1 dorado. Wednesday the Pacific Islander called in from a 2.5-day with 25 bluefin and 18 yellowtail for their 18 passengers.

Thursday the Mission Belle caught wind of the pelagics being within range and went for it, landing 11 bluefin and 5 yellowfin for 18 anglers. Friday the New Lo-An got in from a 3-day trip with limits of bluefin (60) for 10 anglers. Saturday’s reports reflected the yellowfin moving up into striking distance and the T-bird got a taste with 69 and 5 skipjack for there 26 passengers. The Pacific Islander stayed on top of the bluefin for their 21 anglers on a 2.5-day, catching 84 of them along with 6 yellowtail and 4 yellowfin. Sunday’s report from the El Capitan showed 36 bluefin for 18 anglers aboard a 2-day.

H&M Landing’s counts for Monday saw a few dorado for the full-day and overnight boats and some rockfish on the beach. Tuesday tuna counts came in but nothing big. The Daiwa Pacific did the rockfish grind on their 1.5-day while getting at a couple tuna as well. Wednesday’s counts started to move a bit with the Grande getting Mexican limits of dorado (22) for 11, and the Producer doing the same 36 for 18 passengers and a couple yellows. The Jig Strike got out on a 1.5-day and scored limits of bluefin (30) for their 15 guys.

Thursday the Producer once again got on the mahi, landing limits (50) for 25. The Daiwa Pacific got in from a day and a half with 18 bluefin and 1 yellowfin for 9 anglers. Friday began adding the yellowfin mix into the counts. The Old Glory put 52 yellowfin, 5 dorado and 3 bluefin on deck for their 22 anglers. The Producer’s 20 anglers produced 90 yellowfin and 25 skippers for their overnight. And the Daiwa Pacific found 57 yellowfin, 20 dorado, and 2 skipjack on theirs 18 passengers overnight. Saturday the Producer was on it again with 90 yellowfin for 18 sticks along with 6 skips and 5 dorado. Sunday’s yellowfin counts were not as high for some, but still in the mix. Windy conditions made schools tough to lock in on, and the outer waters uncomfortable for most. The Excalibur called in from a three day with 26 bluefin, 15 yellowfin and 6 yellows for 18 anglers, while the Old Glory managed 41 yellowfin and 1 dorado for 36 passengers on an overnight.

Out of Oceanside Sea Center there were no offshore counts reported for the week. That being said the bottom fishing for the half- and 3/4-day boats has been consistent. Good rockfish counts throughout the week and light passenger loads.